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Here is a Short List of Common Sense Truths.

God is real, good, and real good.  We are creatures of His, and we are sinners who deserve His wrath.  This life is about Him and for Him.  We are egomaniacs, because we think it is all about us.

God’s word is the Bible.  You should read it sometime.

Boys and girls are different.  God made it that way for many reasons.

Your flawed perception doesn’t change what is true, this includes your gender.

Government should be small and have very limited power.

Actors and musicians are not political scientists, nor are they any more intelligent than your favorite sign language using ape.  Don’t get your political ideology from them.

Character matters.  You wouldn’t let Jared from Subway watch your kids, so why would you trust Killary Clinton or Donald Rump with the Presidency?

Sinful people with murderous hearts kill people, not inanimate objects.  Banning guns is just stupid.

Marriage is between one man and one woman, joined by God, in front of witnesses, for the rest of their lives.  Any extra-marital sex or emotional entanglement is adultery.

Modern feminism, like the kind where you see all of the man hating, is horrible.  Even the more quiet kind is responsible for much of the decay in this country.  Refer back to the, “boys and girls are different” statement.  We are not interchangeable.  We are equally people in God’s eyes, but He made us to fulfill roles in the home, workplace, Church, battle field, and so on.

Women should never be in combat.  Men are supposed to protect women and children.

America is not God.  America is not Israel.  Get over it.

You don’t have the right to not be offended.  Grow up!

Socialism, and communism are satanic, tyrannical, systems.

You are not the center of the universe.  Your pet sin does not become ok just because it is yours.  If you’re gay, you’re sinning, if you’re straight you’re sinning.  Yes homosexuality is a sin.  Yes adultery is a sin.  So is telling lies, blasphemy, theft, not loving God perfectly every nanosecond of every day.  So, repent and believe in Christ’s work on the cross.

These are just a few of the things off the top of my head this morning that are getting under my skin.  If you disagree, that is your prerogative.  Get your own blog and say what you like.  I won’t be allowing your comments on my site.  I have to pay for this thing, so there is that.



2 thoughts on “Here is a Short List of Common Sense Truths.

  1. It is a dilemma for Christians. Whatever you decide, make certain you are convinced and act in accord to your understanding of the word and your conscience. Then understand adiaphora. Don’t judge your brothers and sisters for doing the same thing, even when they come to a different conclusion. I think this is the best approach. Myself, I tend to be pragmatic, yet I can see the importance of being faithful, and voting for a person who is more aligned with my values, while having no humanly reasonable chance to win. I do understand that if all Christians voted for that mystery 3rd candidate, and God so willed, that they would win and send a clear message to the politicians. Having said that, I’ll probably vote for Donald Trump. I believe we are getting what we deserve. These two are our choices, and I’m going to vote for the one that is not Killary, as much as it pains me. I had the same problem when Romney was a candidate. We are probably never going to have an obvious Christian candidate. He would not represent the majority of the conservatives. They are more conservative than Christian. I won’t condemn anyone for not voting for Trump, but I will judge someone for voting for Killary, or any other demoncrat candidate. That is my personal opinion. I would vote for a 3rd option if he had enough potential to win.


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