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Marriage Isn’t About Being Happy

Marriage Isn’t About Being Happy

If you aren’t happy in your marriage chances are it is because you have a wrong expectation. This is probably because you have put your hope in your spouse to satisfy you. He ordained marriage for one man, to one woman as a helpmate. It wasn’t good for man to be alone. Marriage is supposed to be two sinners, giving grace to one another, remembering Christ Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for their very own personal sins, and forgiving the smaller offense of a creature against a creature, because you understand the horrible consequences of your sin as a creature against the holy Creator. Marriage is an archetype of Christ and His bride the Church. Because of Jesus’ sacrificial love for us we have an example of how we are supposed to love our spouse. If you find your contentment and happiness in God’s will and providence, then you will look upon your spouse as a fellow sinner who needs selfless love and grace. When you are fulfilled by God, and He is enough for you, then you can truly appreciate the blessing of a spouse.


Why Can’t They Be Happy?

Why can’t she/he just be happy?

Have you ever found yourself lamenting this question? Your spouse seems to always be in the dumps. This may or may not be true of course. It could just be your impression that they are always blue. Over and over again they seem disappointed or dissatisfied with you. You search your mind for any offense you could have caused by action or inaction, you probe your intuition for things that could have gone wrong. It seems every waking moment is spent in a frustrating quandary.
People are unhappy because of original and personal sin. We are not living as we would have if sin did not enter the world through the transgression of God’s command by Adam. Because of Adam’s sin the whole of creation has been cursed by God. All of Adam’s descendants are corrupted by sin. The Earth has been changed because of sin. How we perceive things is fallen.1 Death is a result of sin. We in our arrogance wanted to be like God in knowledge of good and evil. Before the fall all we knew was good. Now because of sin we know sickness, suffering, death, and evil.
All descendants of Adam and Eve are corrupted through and through by sin.2 That means you and I. We are sinners. When you put two sinners together in a room they will do what they are able to do. They will sin. They will see the world through sin colored glasses. Everything they hear and see will be colored by pride, selfishness, deceitfulness, arrogance, hatred, spite, self-serving love, and so on. Do we wonder why the divorce rate is so high? We shouldn’t. We should be surprised anyone gets married at all anymore.
So when you feel unhappy or frustrated with your spouse remember that your sins put Christ on the cross and He endured the Father’s wrath that you had coming so that you could be forgiven. If you were forgiven of so much shouldn’t you forgive your spouse of such a small offense in comparison?3 They need us to express the grace and sacrificial love of Christ. Sure we want to help them to be happy, but it isn’t our job. Only God can satisfy us. When we are the ones that aren’t happy it isn’t because of our spouse. It is because we aren’t relying on God. We can just as easily make an idol of our spouse as we can ourselves. If you are like me we can fall to this from time to time, especially when we are tired or not thinking about it. When you realize you are in sin, repent, ask God to forgive you and He will.4

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2Romans 3:23 NASB for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

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41 John 1:9 NASB If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.