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A Review of, “Top Gun: Maverick”

Curiosity got the better of me. Many of my online acquaintances have been raving about how good, “Top Gun: Maverick” was. Being an old geezer myself, I thought it might be good to check it out. After all, I was almost 15 when I watched the first one in the theatre. I remember how hot it was outside while I was in line waiting. I saw the original in Ontario Oregon. It was showing in one of the only movie theatres that was close to where I lived. I remember being really impressed with the jet fighter stunts. Back then there wasn’t any computerized special effects. I imagine it was a great recruiting tool for the Navy.

This movie was not what I was expecting. Lately all Hollywierd seems to put out is woke, sjw, perverted, pinko-commie, propaganda. I have had my fill of those American hating, red diapered, doper babies. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and by my online friends. They didn’t steer me wrong. One might bemoan the fact that there was a female Top Gun fighter pilot. I thought they were going to push radical feminism. I am from a time when women were not allowed in combat roles. I still think that should be the case, but it isn’t up to me. Women in combat roles is a reality now whether I like it or not. Most movies would beat this idea into you. They’d put it front and center, and force you to, “Hear her roar!” Well, this movie did not do that. It was just a matter of fact that she was there. It wasn’t pushing a feminist agenda. I’d say the same about the ethnic diversity reflected in the cast. America isn’t as homogeneous as it was when I was a kid. Again, they didn’t push this in the plot, or make it a propaganda subtext to be washing our minds with. Score one point for the team who made this movie. It was pure entertainment with no preaching, or blatant propaganda.

This was first, and foremost, a movie about Top Gun fighter pilots risking their lives for this country. It was patriotic. It was emotionally moving. It had some laughs along the way. There were scenes from the original movie worked in as memory moments. There were a couple memorable characters from the first film. I even had to try to hold back a tear now and then.

This movie achieved success because it was for the audience, not some perverted America hating fringe minority of America, but for Americans in general. “Guess what Hollywierd, there are more of us than there are of them, and they don’t go to see movies. When they do, the movies are never woke enough for them.” We, on the other hand, are easy to please. Just give us good movies! Hopefully the box office $$$ are teaching them a lesson. Tom Cruise may be a crazy, Hollyweird, Scientologist, but he hasn’t forgotten how to reach out to regular Americans. I think that is because he hasn’t forgotten that he is an American.

The jet stunts were phenomenal. If you have ever been to an airshow, and seen the Blue Angels perform, you know what I’m talking about. It looked like a lot of these stunts were completed by real pilots in real jets. I might be wrong. I’m sure some of the stunts in the end of the movie were computerized, but you don’t notice it during the action. The acting of the supporting cast was good. The younger crowd did their part to make the movie magic happen. There are even some mechanical and location cameos if you will. The Kawasaki motorcycle from the original, reprised it’s role, as well as the bar where the boys sang, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.” That song was not present, but there was another from the original that was. You’ll have to see it to find out.
If you haven’t seen it, and are thinking about it, just to do it. You’ll really enjoy it.

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After watching this film, there is one obvious question that comes to mind, “What is the difference?”  Even the high priced defense attorney brings this question to light while questioning the upscale female abortionist.  What is the difference between what Gosnell did and what abortionists do every day?  They go into the womb, where a living human being awaits birth.  They extinguish the life of a living soul with various barbaric means.  Then they deliver that corpse of a murdered person.  If by chance, one is birthed alive, they lay it on a table to die an excruciating death of exposure, dehydration, and starvation.  Gosnell seems downright merciful comparatively.  When the person is born alive, he used scissors to severe the spine, and kill them.  You see, there is no material difference between these two murderers.  Sure, there are some differences in the details, and methods, but the results are the same, the brutal usurping of God’s right to give, and end life.  The blood of the infants cries out to God for justice.  On judgment day, all of those who are complicit will answer for their heinous crimes.

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A Guest Review of the Movie, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” by A. Galardi.

Let it be said, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer”, truly is horrific in its telling.  This is not some film, not some piece of fiction, but the untarnished truth of what abortion is.  This isn’t due to graphic violence, or horrendous language, but the artistry in which the actors portrayed the events as they unfolded in Pennsylvania.  The efficacy of detail, the absolute portrayal of the actors and the individuals that they delivered on screen, I can say that what I expected going into the theater that night and what I knew after coming out of the movie was life affirming. I went to my vehicle with my husband and we both sat there in stunned silence.  I cried.

We, each individual cell that is made of who we are, are known to God before the creation of the world.  He knew us in our mother’s womb, and not some randomization of happenstance thrown together by cosmic indifference.  I knew beyond all doubt that I needed to see this movie. I needed to witness it and understand the gravity.  This is not a film, even though rated at PG-13, that I would take teens to without full disclosure to them because this is a film that will destroy your naiveté about abortions.  This will disgust you, humiliate you, and open your eyes to what barbaric practices abortion truly does not only to the baby, but the family, the mother, the siblings, the world.  You cannot watch this film without condemning the very thought of anyone committing such a heinous sin.  And you come out thinking we have, as a nation, “In God We Trust” and yet we allow the murders of innocents and babes. We deserve a fate from God much as what he delivered the Israelites to the Assyrians in 2 Kings Chapter 17.  We deserve it and more.

Gosnell, in all his evil, destroyed much for his glutinous lifestyle.  He also did this because of the complete sociopathy of our nation diverging from God and believing the sin of our own importance preempts God’s authority in our lives.  But let me emphasize, as the people in the film did, the DA wanted the prosecution of this man not to be over abortions, but over murders.  He murdered viable children and a woman.  I say, he murdered.  He murdered for over 30 years.  Each life that he destroyed, the family and from the mother’s womb, each instance of him doing so is a sin against God and slap in the face for every Christian out there.

Even to this moment, I wish I had never watched this film.  But even to this moment, I am thankful to God that I have done so.  This is the type of movie that is completely life affirming, and beyond doubt demoralizing.  I urge you, even if it makes you terrified, this is the film you need to see.  This, because it is real, it is still happening, and it is TRUE.

May God keep and bless you.


You can learn more at the official movie site here.

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Don’t Take the Kids to See Warner Bros. “Smallfoot.”


This is not a feel-good, cute, animated feature for families!  It is nothing more than atheist propaganda, and programming!  If you are a P.O.F. (person of faith) of any kind, you will be very irritated by this movie.  We decided to give it a shot, in hopes of seeing something whimsical, family friendly, and fun.  This movie was none of those things.  Apparently, when atheist try give you what they think you will find to be funny, or a naive good time, it comes off feeling forced, cliche, and condescending.  I truly wanted to enjoy this movie with my Wife, and Daughter, but alas, we were all disappointed.  Even my Daughter talked about how it was transparently propaganda. (my words, not hers.)

The entire plot was about how at best, religious people are naive, stupid, dupes, kept in line by religion, and that they are holding the atheist minority back from progressing.  At worst, we are knowingly deceiving everyone, and controlling them with religion like the leader of the yetis was doing.  The plot was not fun at all.  It was all anti-religion.  The subplot/subtext was what was intended to be the plot that people noticed, but the subplot in this movie was so blatant, and hateful, that it was the obvious plot, even to my Daughter.

Don’t waste your money.  Go home, and watch something good off of DVD/Bluray, or read a book for crying out loud, or just take the family out to lunch instead!  Warner Bros. you are horrible!  You all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing a bait and switch!

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I Really Wanted to Like This Movie, but… A Review of “Risen.”

Let me just start by saying that I won’t post any spoilers.  If you want to know specifics you can message me.  That being said, I truly wanted to like this movie.  I especially wanted to like it when I heard what the premise was, and also saw that Joseph Fiennes was in it.  He did such a wonderful job as Martin Luther.  He, and a couple other actors outclassed the actors that played the Apostles, and it felt like hippies from the (I removed a word here.  See the comments below to read why.)  movement wrote the lines for the Apostles.  This movie had so many opportunities to do it right, but it never coalesced.  We never heard why Jesus had to die, we never heard that He was truly God, we never heard any confession of sin on anyone’s part.  All we did hear were incoherent ramblings about love unrelated or linked to the gospel.  I was so disappointed with this film.  I was hoping for a “Jesus of Nazareth” or a Charleton Heston in “The Ten Commandments” level production.  This was devoid of any useful theological information, or gospel proclamation.  I was also let down by the incongruous use of artistic license.  Sometimes it was seamless, and others it was glaringly awkward.

It wasn’t all bad.  It far exceeded the recent tripe that has come out of Hollyweird.  With the bad taste left in our mouths from “Noah” and “Exodus gods and Kings” with batman as Moses, I found their effort with “Risen” to be a bit refreshing.  The acting of the main characters was top notch, the supporting cast… meh.  There was no profanity, or romantic scenes.  There was however, graphic violence.  If you want to have Christian themed entertainment that never gets around to being truly helpful and wastes your time, then go see, “Risen.”  Otherwise, stay home and do a Bible study.  You’ll get much more out of that.  Then, go out and evangelize the lost.  They need it and this movie isn’t going to get it done.

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I Finally Watched the Movie, “Fireproof 2” Woops, I Meant, “War Room” and I’m Left Wondering, What Was all the Fuss About?


I know this is old news, so I won’t spend a bunch of time on this. I finally got around to watching the movie, “War Room.” It really did make me think that I liked it better when it was called, “Fireproof.” So many people were telling me how great it was and still others were voicing concerns. I didn’t want to waste my money on a bad movie so I waited for it to go to rental. I watched it mostly by myself. My Wife and Daughter would watch here and there. As I was watching it I became aware of a couple of scenes with really bad theology. However, I kind of expected it from Christian movies these days.
There was a scene where the main character is fed up with her life and prays out loud to the devil and then commands him to leave her house and go to Hell, in the name of Jesus. First, don’t pray to the devil, don’t talk with the devil, and don’t rebuke the devil. Even the angels say, “The Lord rebuke you.” Second, the devil doesn’t live in hell and he is not from hell. He is on the Earth and won’t be in Hell until he is sent there by God.
The other scene that was laughable was when a mugger confronted the older lady and the younger lady and attempted to rob them at knife point. The older lady commanded the thug to drop his knife in the name of Jesus… and guess what… He did. I had to laugh, but it also made me a bit angry. What if someone actually tried that? Disregard all of the Pentecostal mythology surrounding this type of thing. Honestly, it is not the way to handle that situation. Let’s see… Did it help the early Church Fathers when they were being martyred? Did it stop the Romans from using Christians as torches to light the streets? Does it help the Christians being martyred by the Muslims today?
The biggest problem I had with the movie is one that my 15 year old Daughter picked up on just from watching a little bit of the movie. She said something to the effect of, “Is this one of those Christian movies where everyone gets saved and their problems all go away?” The sad thing is that she was correct. This movie forwarded the, “life enhancement gospel.” This is a false gospel that goes like this, “Become a Christian, and God will make your life better.” This can be very damaging to immature Christians. This movie would have been so much better if the husband would have went to prison after repenting. The husband ends up repenting. He then takes responsibility for getting fired from his job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. He also admits to his bosses about stealing pharmaceuticals from the company. One of the bosses wants to have him prosecuted. Of course, because he comes clean and gives back what he stole they forgive him and then he gets a great new job closer to home. God makes everything better and life is peachy keen again…
What if he would have done all of the good things like repenting, returning what he stole, and he still ended up going to prison? They could have shown her praying for him and waiting for him to get out. They could have showed him accepting the difficult things as part of God’s will. If a person decides to become Christian for a better life, they are missing the point. We should become Christians because we sorrow over our sins and love Christ for His sacrificial work on the cross to atone for our sins.