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Don’t Take the Kids to See Warner Bros. “Smallfoot.”


This is not a feel-good, cute, animated feature for families!  It is nothing more than atheist propaganda, and programming!  If you are a P.O.F. (person of faith) of any kind, you will be very irritated by this movie.  We decided to give it a shot, in hopes of seeing something whimsical, family friendly, and fun.  This movie was none of those things.  Apparently, when atheist try give you what they think you will find to be funny, or a naive good time, it comes off feeling forced, cliche, and condescending.  I truly wanted to enjoy this movie with my Wife, and Daughter, but alas, we were all disappointed.  Even my Daughter talked about how it was transparently propaganda. (my words, not hers.)

The entire plot was about how at best, religious people are naive, stupid, dupes, kept in line by religion, and that they are holding the atheist minority back from progressing.  At worst, we are knowingly deceiving everyone, and controlling them with religion like the leader of the yetis was doing.  The plot was not fun at all.  It was all anti-religion.  The subplot/subtext was what was intended to be the plot that people noticed, but the subplot in this movie was so blatant, and hateful, that it was the obvious plot, even to my Daughter.

Don’t waste your money.  Go home, and watch something good off of DVD/Bluray, or read a book for crying out loud, or just take the family out to lunch instead!  Warner Bros. you are horrible!  You all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing a bait and switch!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Take the Kids to See Warner Bros. “Smallfoot.”

  1. What a stupid opinion. The movie is about how people are often lied to about the outside world and other races or cultures. It was literally inspired by all the news stories demonizing foreigners as scary immigrants and terrorists, that’s why it’s about a closed-off community afraid of the humans because they think all humans are their enemies.


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