The True Faith is Christianity.

Recently people have expressed, that due to Christianity only coming on the scene 2000 years ago, we have no right to say what marriage should look like. Many people say that Christianity started when Jesus started His ministry. They would be wrong. It is a common misconception and error. Christianity is what we call, “The True Faith.” Since the time when there were creatures to believe in God, there has been, “The True Faith;” Adam and Eve knew God and believed in Him, Enoch walked with God and didn’t die, but was taken up, There was the faith of Abraham that was counted to him as righteousness, Noah found favor with the LORD, not because of his works, but because of his faith, King David though a sinner was man after God’s own heart, and so on. Christ didn’t come into existence at the advent of His incarnation, No! Christ Jesus always existed. Our faith is not some new thing, to crop up out of the desert of Israel! Our faith can’t be compared to ones that originate with men. It is from God. He grants faith to us so that we can believe. Our faith didn’t come from Judaism or Roman Catholicism. Don’t let anyone bamboozle you, with an air of authority about them, as they deign to enlighten you with their inveracity. The false religions of man enslave people to systems that can’t save them or bring them closer to God. “The True Faith” is the only one where God, Himself saves us and brings us into His family. Hope this helps when discussing why we hold any moral position that is contra mundum.(against the world) God bless you.