What is Meant by the Aseity of God?

 The word aseity is an archaic English word that comes from the Latin words, “a” which means, “from” and, “se” which means, “one’s self.” The definition of the English word, “aseity” means, “Existence originating from and having no source other than itself.” Simply put when we ascribe this word to our theology we mean that God has no creator or other source for His being. We know that in God’s word He says that He is the only God and there are none before Him or to come after Him. There are no Gods anywhere besides Him. He is omnipresent, so if there were He would be with them. He is omniscient, so if there were He would know of them. 1

God made everything there is and has perfect knowledge of all He has made.2 He was not diminished through or by creating. If He created everything and has perfect knowledge of all He created then He would know if He had created another being like Himself. An eternal being that is the source of all things could not create another like itself because the created thing lacks aseity, thus rendering it a mere creation rather than the truth. God has always existed in trinity, complete and holy, in perfect communion with Himself.

Tozer quotes Novatian, “”God has no origin,” said Novatian and it is precisely this concept of no-origin which distinguishes That-which-is-God from whatever is not God.” A. W. Tozer. This notion means that God is holy. He is completely transcendent or, “other than.” It is understandable that we would wrestle with this idea. It is contra mundum, in the sense that nature does not function this way. We observe causation for everything. To have an uncaused causation or an original originator sends us into a loop of, “How can it be?” However, if we are logical we must admit that this is the only way that it could be. This one original originator started the entirety of creation in motion and keeps it moving by the power of His sovereign decree. In this we should take comfort that He is God and we are not. We require and depend wholly and completely on His aseity and providence for our existence.









1. Deut 32:39, 1 Tim 1:17, 2:5, Isa 40:28, 43:11, 44:6, Jude 1:25, Col 1:16,

2. 1 John 3:20, Matt 10:29-30, Psalm 139:4,

John Calvin was known as one of the Swiss Reformers, but did you know he wasn’t Swiss?


John Calvin was known as one of the Swiss Reformers, but did you know he wasn’t Swiss?  He was actually born in Noyon, France into a Roman Catholic family.  It was only after he fled France, for fear of being killed by the Roman Catholic Church, that he ended up in Switzerland.  Calvin was 23 or 24 when he God saved him from his sins.  He did a bulk of his work from Geneva.  Since he did so much in Geneva he is called a Swiss Reformer, and there you have it.

Review of, “The Jesus Code” Weekly Devotional


The Jesus Code is basically a devotional set up in 52 chapters.  The reader is supposed to read and study one per week.  It is a Question and Answer format.  Hawkins takes a section of scripture and then expounds on it and its application.   It isn’t an in depth look at systematic theology, it is a devotional.  It offers a concise overview of some important doctrines and concepts.  I don’t usually go for devotionals.  I much rather get my Bible reading done from reading the Bible.  I do like, “Morning and Evening” by Spurgeon, but who doesn’t?  Well this isn’t that.  It does a good job and is much more than the fluff of most modern devotionals.  It is way better than the nonsense, “Jesus Calling” where the author believes she is getting extra-biblical revelation from God.  “The Jesus Code” would make a great gift for a loved one who wants a devotional.  Hawkins has done a decent job of compiling some helpful biblical information.  The money from the book goes into ministry, not Hawkins’ pockets.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <http://booklookbloggers.com&gt; book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html&gt; : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

What is the Pastors Primary Function?


The primary function of the Pastor is to faithfully exposit the word of God to the body, in obedience, love, and truth. Doing this glorifies God and serves the body. Many Pastors today are overburdened and inundated with projects and outreach. They have been told by many pragmatic men that the way to grow the church is to do, do, do. This isn’t the model of the gospel and it isn’t the model of growing true converts. Certainly it will work to add goats to your pews. Yes, the number of people attending will go up. Yes, there might be some that get converted listening to you preach the gospel on Sunday. These are not your primary duties that you have been commended to do. You sir, have been entrusted with the Holy Word of God and His elect beloved! Do not stray from your commission. All of the techniques that the world employs are not to be in your toolbox. You have the blessing and obligation to plumb the depths of God’s word and return to the flock with a bountiful harvest of truth. When you preach from the pulpit don’t think of it as a chance to evangelize a few lost sinners visiting the church, but view it instead as a time of ministry to God’s elect. He knows what they need to grow and to do the work He has for them. He has a plan to provide for them, and that plan involves you. God wants to use you to educate His people. He wants to use you to help in their sanctification. He wants to use you to equip them Biblically so that they can do the work of evangelism and outreach. By laboring on behalf of the Lord’s gospel you equip and impassion the flock to evangelize the lost, feed and clothe the poor, visit those in prison, and provide for the orphans and widows. It is easy to mix up your personal walk as an individual Christian and your commission as a Preacher of God’s word. There are things that you will do as an individual for God, and there are things that you will do as a Preacher. The first comes from being a born again believer and the other is a Holy Vocation. God in His sovereignty will grow or shrink a congregation. It won’t be based on your efforts. You are called to be faithful, to live by faith, to do what has been ordained by faith.

Review of the Holman NKJV Ultrathin Reference Bible in Brown Genuine Cowhide.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 002

***Update 09/12/14***  I heard back from the publisher and they confirmed that this particular print of this Bible was not a sewn binding however the ones made after it in the same year do have a sewn binding.

*** Update 08/21/13***  Ok, I have to add some info here.  You can still read my original review below, but as I’ve been using this Bible I have been able to see some things I originally missed.  The first thing is that the paper is much better than I expressed in my original post below.  It is pretty smooth in texture and the ink is sharply printed on it offering good contrast and limited ghosting.  The second thing is that the cover is much softer leather than perhaps I explained.  If it wasn’t on card paper and lined inside with vinyl it would be floppy.  It is also pretty thick leather.  I doubt it will be easily hurt.  Last, I’d like to note that Holman as of yet has not responded to my questions about the binding.  I can observe that the maps in the back and the presentation pages in the front are sewn into the Bible, but that doesn’t mean the Bible itself has a sewn binding.  I still can’t see any dimples on the inside that would indicate stitching and the binding doesn’t bend like a sewn binding.  I’m going to wait a bit longer before I damage the Bible to find out if it is in fact sewn.  I really hope it is sewn.  Even if it isn’t, this is a great Bible.  I love the size and weight.  It is a good all around thinline reference Bible.  If it turns out to be a sewn binding, I would compare it to the $35 Lockman Foundation NASB.

The Holman Ultrathin NKJV Reference Bible almost got it perfect.  My only gripe is that it is a glued binding.  The advertisement on Christianbook.com says it is a sewn binding http://www.christianbook.com/nkjv-ultrathin-reference-brown-genuine-cowhide/9781433615030/pd/615030?event=ESRCG  and reviews on other sites have also said it is a sewn binding, but I don’t believe it is.  I took a close look at it and it looks and lays like a glued binding.  Here is what a sewn binding looks like when it is opened up

NASB Reference Bible Genuine Calfskin Black 054

Notice how it bends where it is opened.  The pages don’t have to bend from a central glued point in a sewn binding.  This is what the Holman looked like.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 040

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 041

I would hate to have to cut such a nice Bible up to see if it is truly sewn or not so I think I will first e-mail Holman and ask them.  If they say it is sewn, I’ll probably have to cut this Bible up to see.  They might be paying for it to be sewn in Korea, but who knows if it is getting done.  Perhaps there is a mix up over at Christianbook.com?

Having that said let’s take a look at what makes it a good buy.  First off, I like the New King James Version (NKJV)  it is a good translation.  It is easy to read and it is accurate.  It has been around for quite a while now and I am pretty familiar with it.  My favorite is the NASB, but the NKJV comes in fourth for me.  NASB, ESV, KJV, and NKJV.  I don’t think I’d bother with any other translations.  Too many agenda driven ones out there now.

The Bible came in a cardboard box, cushioned with paper.  The Bible was inside a retail box that would be good to store the Bible in as it is pretty sturdy.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 001

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 003

The Bible itself was wrapped inside two sleeves of thick, brown, paper.  This was to protect the cowhide cover.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 004

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 005

I liked the cover.  It was genuine cowhide and pretty thick.  It was somewhat tacky in texture making it easy to hold on to.  It is lined with what looks like vinyl glued to the inside which is pretty typical of Bible in this price range.  The Bible has a suggested retail of $49.99 but sells for approximately $39.99 on Christianbook and about $45.00 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Large-Ultrathin-Reference-Genuine-Cowhide/dp/1433615037/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408390491&sr=8-1&keywords=9781433615030

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 016

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 017

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 014

The Bible measures about nine inches by six inches by an inch.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 008

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 006

The spine of the Bible has raised hubs on the back that appear to just be decorative.  Just because there are hubs doesn’t mean it is a sewn binding.  I do like the look and feel of it.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 011

There is one brown ribbon marker and the page edges are gold colored as well as the spine.  I don’t know if it is real gold leaf or not.  For the price I’m guessing it isn’t.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 028

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 038

The font is 8 point.  It is clearly printed and easy to read.  The words of Christ are in red.  The Bible is printed in Korea.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 024

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 031

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 027

The Bible is printed in a double column format with center column references.  There are also book introductions.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 030

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 026

There is a sixty six page concordance and eight color maps. The paper that the maps are on aren’t as glossy as some and might hold up better because of it.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 033

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 034

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 036

The paper is good quality.

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 042

Holman NKJV Thinline reference calfskin brown 027

ISBN: 1433615037
ISBN-13: 9781433615030

You want to talk to what!?


Over the years, I have run into people on the fringe of the Christian world.  These people have said they can see demons.  I’ve also heard them say that they can talk to the demons.  They explain how they can see a person and they see the demons in them.  Then they begin to name the demons, for instance, “Oh that lady has the demon of Jezebel in her!”  or “Look at him!  He has the demon alcohol.”  I’ve asked these individuals if they are being figurative.  I’ve asked them if they just mean that the person is a whore, or an alcoholic.  They usually respond by telling me that those are real demons and they have to be bound, gagged, and have their eyes blinded.  They tell me that they have to command them in Jesus name to go where He wills them to go.  When asked where they get a crazy idea like that, they say, “Well it’s in the Bible! Duh!”

Now I’ve been reading and studying the Bible for a while now.  I have to say, that I don’t think they are correct about how this is done.  First, what happens to an unsaved person when a demon leaves them?  Well, it comes back with seven other demons to find the place neat, tidy, and ready for tenants.  There is no indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  The person is still a slave to sin.  Consequently they are worse off than they were before.  We are also told in the Bible to not go looking for the supernatural unless that supernatural we are looking for is God.  So running around looking for demons and then calling every personality disorder, sin, or characteristic a demon of this or that is ludicrous.  It would be laughable if it weren’t so damaging.  Stay away from spiritist, mediums, witchcraft, sorcery, familiars, and so on.  How simple is that?  Just focus on Jesus and His word.

Are you Jesus?  Are you one of the Apostles? Then you don’t have the authority or ability to run around casting out demons.  You’re more like the sons of Sceva than you are a son of God if that is what you’re about.  Jesus gave us a mission, it is to preach the gospel and make disciples.  If you run across a person who is demonically possessed the best most loving thing you could do for them is to preach the gospel of Jesus to them.  If they are elect and respond to the gospel with repentance and faith, then the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will take care of the demon problem.  Where the Holy Spirit makes His home He won’t share with a demon.  Let God do the exercising of demons and you focus on the job you were given.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times where we will come into contact with people who may be demonically possessed.  In those times we need to be wise or we could do more damage than good.  Let’s imagine you are successful in casting out the demon in Jesus name.  Then what?  That poor wretch is just going to get possessed again by the original demon and seven more that are worse than the first one.  How is that loving and helpful?  I implore you, stop running around pretending you are ministering to people.  You are just hurting them.

If you are a disciple of one of these deliverance preachers or if you are one of them please reconsider what you have been taught, believe, and practice.  You have been deceived by a movement that is grounded in bad hermeneutics that have brought forth false doctrines.  Repent and practice a real ministry that is Biblical.  I don’t care what your experiences have been.  They are not proof of anything especially since they are not Biblical.  We must go with what the Bible says and not what our feelings or experiences might errantly lead us to.