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Local Church Bible Publishers, The Best Authorized KJV Publisher You’ve Never Heard of.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 009

A Review of the, “400E1R Mid-Size Note Takers Red 1 Piece (Executive)”

First a little about Local Church Bible Publishers, if you are like me, I had never heard of them, until I did a search on youtube for quality leather covered, sewn binding Bibles.  Then I was confronted with what seemed to be southern brother touting the virtues of his LCBP Bible.  I was a curious.  The cover looked pretty good and the inside cover was edge lined as well as perimeter stitched.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 015

I searched some more and found the video of their manufacture process.  I was pretty impressed, but then I found out that they only make the authorized 1611 King James.  Now, I don’t have a problem with using a 1611 King James, I just happen to like the NASB and a couple other modern translations better.  Now all you KJV onlyists settle down out there, and stop calling me a heretic long enough to read about the positive features of the LCBP Mid-Size Note Takers wide margin Bible.  If you want to find out what LCBP is all about you can follow this link to their about page.

As for their products, I have a couple of their Bibles and have found them to be generally superior to all other Bibles in their price range as far as the construction and materials go.  The Mid-Size Note Takers in Red Leather came in a cardboard box.  The Bible inside was wrapped horizontally and vertically with paper.  It was not damaged at all in the shipping process.  The first couple of things I noticed when I took it out of the packaging was the smell of leather and the bright red cover.  It was very red.  It stands out.  You don’t see many Bibles as red as this one.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 011

I’ve seen burgundy Bibles, but this is straight, bright, and red.  I also noticed that the cover was very soft.  It wasn’t shiny and slick like cheaper pigskin leather.  I also noticed that it didn’t have much of a texture to it.  At first when I went to open the Bible I was being careful turning the pages because I didn’t want to tear the pages if they were stuck together, but me apprehensions were unfounded.  The gold gilded page edges didn’t stick together at all.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 035

The cover is very supple and can be rolled up without hurting it.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 019

The inside cover lining is perimeter stitched to the outer cover and is just as flexible as the outer cover.  The liner is black.  The perimeter stitching is red like the cover and two matching ribbon markers.  This is an edge lined Bible.  The Bible, despite its name is not mid-size.  It is 9.9″ x 6.75″ x 1.75″

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 008

I think that their designation of mid-size is in relation to the Bibles they produce and not representative of what we see in the market.  The spine has the words, “Holy Bible” at the top and, “Authorized King James” in the middle, and then at the bottom, “Church” heat stamped in gold foil.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 012

The Paper is opaque and thick.  There are generous 2.5” margins for note taking.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 036 Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 040

The paper is thick enough to endure being written on and have minimal show through.  The 11 point font is printed clear and sharp.  This is a black letter edition all text is black.  The text is arranged in a single column verse format.  This aids in ease of use and lends itself to note taking and referencing.

The binding is sewn giving this Bible durability and flexibility.

Evidence KJV LCBP Red Wide Margin LCBP Black  Hand Size 045

It has a concordance and maps in the back.  This Bible is printed and bound in the U.S.A. by LCBP as ministry.  You can purchase it at the link below.

9 thoughts on “Local Church Bible Publishers, The Best Authorized KJV Publisher You’ve Never Heard of.

  1. I know I’m late to the game on this one but after some of my criticisms of LCBP’s flaws primarily gutter cockling due to signatures sewn too tight, ink that was faded on some pages, etc.I only thought it fair to report something good.
    Not just good, fantastic! Today I received my Notetakers bible in the burgundy Signature edition. It is absolutely beautiful! The leather which is top grain cowhide is stitched all the way around, the binding is edge lined, it’s soft, quite sumptuous and smells wonderful. There is a pink under gold art gilding that is quite elegant and very unexpected as there was no mention of that in the product description.
    The inside has nice large, but not overly so, type that’s dark and very legible. The paper quality and line matching are superb. Also there is minimal ghosting on the pages. There is ample room for note taking, much more than my Cambridge Wide Margin.
    This edition rivals my Schuyler goatskin reference edition in terms of quality, it is unbelievably beautiful.
    This edition was manufactured in April of this year and apparently they have made vast improvements to the quality of their bibles.
    Okay, I’m stepping down from my soap box now!
    For $57.00 this is a win win slam dunk!

    Betsy Greenaker

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  2. Bob,
    Thank you for the wonderful review of the Bible that my family and I have made. LCBP products used to be made by Gold Leaf Enterprises for the last 10 years. The Ironed Calfskin and Top Grain Cowhide covers are provided by my suppliers. In Oct of this year, LCBP has removed their inventory from GLE and are going to get their work done by another company. You see, they have never actually made their own product, they only distribute Bibles. I have asked that my shop and face be removed from their website video and to be honest with their customers, this had not happened. So buyers beware, quality may not be what is being represented. To continue to get the same quality on different KJV text styles, visit the original founders new website.


  3. CBP produces the highest quality of a Bible compared to the other publishers. My main Bible I use for ministry is the David Jeremiah NKJV and the NLT. I am not a KJVO.

    Some churches preference is the KJV, so out of respect I will use KJV when I am in their fellowship. The binding and sewing of the CBP Notetakers Red Letter, and Pocket NT-Psalms Proverbs Bibles are the highest quality and affordable. All Bible Publishers work should be the highest, quality standard of CBP.

    When I purchased my David Jeremiah Bible, the leather binding is very cheaply made, and I immediately sent it to Norris Bookbinding. Not only did they put a high quality leather cover, I had then to add 10 extra pages.

    Thank you for your review. Blessings!


    1. The article you are commenting on is several years old. As I understand it there was a split over at LCBP and CBP was a product of that split. I don’t know the particulars of the split, and myself am not a member of the KJVonlyism cult. I haven’t bought anything from CBP, and since I’ve become a bit more mature over time, I probably won’t support either one of those publishers by buying anything from them. I’ve slowed down on Bible reviews. When I started, there weren’t too many people doing it. Now there are tons, and they do videos that seem highly produced, so I leave it to them. I’ve also been blessed to live long enough to see the Legacy Standard Bible published. It is a tightening up of the translation work of the 1995 NASB, which was my preferred translation. Now I’m replacing all of my resources with ones that utilize the LSB as they are released. I’m glad you have an interest in God’s word, and having an edition that will outlast you, for future generations. God bless you, and keep you until the end.


      1. I no longer buy from lcbp any longer because I don’t read the KJV that much anymore.
        However it has also come to my attention that both lcbp & cbp use their own reprinted copies of Cambridge blocks in some of their editions. The problem is they do not have permission to reprint those blocks. Cambridge doesn’t like it but they feel both companies are too small to bother with.


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