The Natural Man and His Dire Struggle Against the Reborn Saint.


The Natural Man and His Dire Struggle Against the 
Reborn Saint.
     Before we were made alive by the rebirth wrought by Christ Jesus, we were solely the natural man. We were completely dead with only an ersatz construct of vitality. In carnality we pursued temptations ultimately to sinful ends. If left unaffected by the gospel of Christ our mortal selves would have remained until the carnal demise was consummate. Our unconverted hearts having not new affections but, old repenting not of sin but, reveling in its coils unto perfection of our damnation. Hence securing abidance of God’s holy and eternal wrath.
     In contrast to the condemned children of wrath, we who have been redeemed are reborn alive in Christ Jesus. His grace not in surplus or scarcity, entirely sufficient for our salvation ascribed to the end of our salvation. We to, have been crucified and resurrected in Him. The veil that dimmed our visage to the point of utter blindness, once and for all times being removed, our countenance that much more improved by Him, are awestruck by His glory. Being thus affected by His labors our flesh now is as a drowning man, who strives against the mire. Dreadfully gasping, and clawing at the world above in vain hopes that he might a respite find.
     We must take heed, and be cautioned not to afford him any quarter. He must be mortified so that his lusts for the debased, hedonistic pleasures of the flesh not assert ascendancy over us. If for only a moment our bulwarks are breached he that is drowning would drag us down to the depths of Hades. When he begs for our sympathies we must not be vitiated. Our resolve must not falter. Our outstretched foot must push him down into the depths where his calls will be muffled. His cries we can not attend, for we are called to be holy as our master is holy. No longer a subject to this abased imposter but, now enslaved by our majestic, sovereign LORD God. Justified to Him by the obeisance of His only begotten to His will and Word, we now and for always are free of condemnation.

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