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Was Anyone Else Vexed by the James White vs. Steve Tassi Debate?

As some of you might recall, I posted a short article about a debate that James White had with Leighton Flowers.  It was supposed to be about Romans 9.  When Leighton pretty much just ignored the topic of debate, and used it as an excuse to launch into what was basically a screed against Calvinism.  After watching that debate, I thought, “What a hash, and waste of time.”  I was hoping for a well thought out position that could interact, and challenge some of the notions that I hold to.  Not to overthrow those notions, but rather to sharpen, and hone them. (Good arguments have a way of doing that.)

Well, I went into this debate with low expectations because, “I heard things.”  Let me just say that my expectations were a bit high.  It was very disappointing to me.  I have some friends who are Calvary Chapel peeps, and they usually can separate their feelings towards Reformed soteriology, and their feelings for me as a person.  We can have a chat, and discuss theology without it getting to the, “Shots fired!” battleground.  This debate was a, “bait and switch.”  James White went to Norwalk, California prepared to debate Romans 9.  When the debate started it turned into an anti-Calvinist, sneak attack.  Where Steve Tassi abandoned the rules and format of formal debate.  He used the debate as a forum to express anti-Calvinist, and anti-James White sentiments, that seemed to be fueled by his personal traditions, and a false caricature of Calvinism. (Straw Man)

I felt bad for everyone there, especially people who paid to travel there.  I felt bad for them, not just because of financial expenditures, but mainly because they were not able to get the benefit of a spirited, well thought out debate.    The debate Dr. White had with Dr. Michael Brown was much more educational and edifying for all involved.  It followed the rules of debate, and both sides presented well thought out arguments from their own positions, while remaining friendly and respectful.

I enjoy watching debates that are well done.  I get a lot out of them.  I am vexed, because in  many ways this was a waste of time, resources, and efforts.  It was also a waste of opportunity.  This could have been a great way for the men to genuinely listen to each other, to hear and understand what was being expressed.  They could have come away from this as better friends, and more understanding brothers in Christ.  I don’t blame James White for this.  I understand why he got impatient.  I could even understand why some people might have misunderstood his attempts to coax or goad Dr. Tassi into following the rules as snarky or mean.  I don’t think Dr. White was being snarky or mean.  I just said I could understand why some people would think that, so don’t be putting words in my mouth, so to speak.  I thought James did as good a job as could be expected, under the circumstances.  I don’t think I could have been so gracious to Dr. Tassi.  I was fighting my frustration just watching the debate.

Let’s look forward to more good debates, and learn from the bad ones as well.  That way they aren’t a total loss.  I learned that when you get thrown a curve ball you need to think on your feet, and be well prepared ahead of time.  If you’re a Christian who is well studied in the word of God, you can respond to most arguments thrown at you, even if they are off topic.  Also I learned that we must be patient with people who don’t see, or hear what we are really saying.  We have to maintain our composure and soldier through, just like Dr. White did.  We can do those things, and still call people on their errors, without being unloving.  Squishy doesn’t equate to loving, or non-loving.  Standing firm for, and on the word of God, is loving.

Apparently, the video won’t play on other sites, because the owner(Tassi’s ministry outreach) has disallowed it.  So here is a link to the video on Youtube so you can watch it.

9 thoughts on “Was Anyone Else Vexed by the James White vs. Steve Tassi Debate?

  1. I was confused by the debate…. I don’t understand the main debating point. I don’t quite understand where Tassi is coming from. At one point, it seemed like he was arguing for the Calvinistic side…at least to an extent….


  2. I literally came to nausea. Mr. Tassi is not and cannot in a million lifetimes be a servant of the Word of God. God help anyone who would sit for one second under this man who is, at best, a wolf in sheep’s clothing! What a shameful display! God bless Dr. White for his honest and Christ-honoring exposition line upon line.


  3. Yes! I was SO disappointed. I was like you, hoping for a thought provoking discussion of Romans 9. Mr. Tassi’s jaw-droppingly horrible “opening statement” left me wondering if he had ever even seen a formal debate before. Then the cross examination segment was positively painful to watch because Mr. Tassi didn’t seem to be able to form a coherent response or to match the answers he was giving to the questions he was being asked. Augh! I would have been inclined to feel sorry for him except that he was so caustic and insulting, which was really unacceptable, particularly in light of his lack of preparation. So I ended up just feeling sorry for thinking Arminians. The debate succeeded only in making Arminianism look totally untenable.


  4. Sadly most today are so touchy-feely and Biblically illiterate and gullible in 2 Timothy 4:3 fashion they’re easy pickings for false teacher charlatans like Flowers and Tassi.


  5. I was sure that the debate with Leighton Flowers was going to the worst I could possibly witness on this topic. It’s pretty high as the worst ever, on any topic, anywhere at anytime, including debates I witnessed in high school. So on this relaxing afternoon, I was pleased to find another attempt to cover this topic….and OH MY, how my expectations were exceeded. IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. This travesty made the Leighton Flowers event look like an actual debate. At this point, I am willing to debate James White myself and just represent the opposing view to try to give us all a chance to see a debate on this topic. I’m not a competent exegete but at this point I don’t think it matters. I’ll spend an afternoon reading some Wesley and hold my own I think. I’m not sure that it won’t take a Calvinist to actually provide some opposition for White on this topic anyway. I would say that I’m actually getting frustrated with Dr. White at this point, if he weren’t so obviously angry at how these events went, which means that he probably didn’t mean for these public embarrassments to occur. But at this point it’s getting to be like watching Tyson in his prime beat the sense out of a freshman art student. In this “debate” there were several bizarre noises, maybe sneezes or refrigerators being moved across the floor, that only served to additionally grate on my nerve (and obviously Dr. White’s), which added to the tension. I am still in the middle of the Q&A on this thing and it appears to only get worse and worse. I think it is actually making me dumber to continue to listen to this.


  6. As a late comer to this event, I viewed the video Tassi spoke of in his opening statement. I saw James’ review of Tassi’s video before I saw the debate. Tassi made my ears bleed. The guy is a crybaby. “Boo hoo, James did a video on me after I did one on him five years earlier and it’s not fair that he did a video on my ignorance. Woe is me,!” James is right, Tassi has no comprehension of what Reformed doctrine is. He couldn’t even get Luther’s quote right. Thats not an ad hominem. James is also correct to say Dave Hunt, Kent Hovind, etc., have no idea what they are talking about. To say that Reformed theology has any truck with open theism is a contradiction. Tassi must have learned his theology from a kindergarten class, because it’s on that level of reasoning.


  7. At 42:18 Tassi seems to believe Paul didn’t write Romans because Romans 9 doesn’t contain the phrase “blood of Jesus.” LOL


  8. Well , if there is anything that debate did , is to open the understanding of some brothers in the Faith that the reformed position on Bible interpretation is the most coherent.


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