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Black Israelite or Black Hebrew Movement and Dr. James White.

Hey kids, remember the Aryan Church? Remember how they were decried as a hate group and run out of Idaho? Well now there is a black group that is just like them. They are known as the black Israelite movement. They are a mixture of groups that have as their core beliefs that black people in America are the descendants of the Israelites, and that they are the only people who have a saving covenant with their god, and that the white people otherwise known as edomites by the movement, will be their slaves in heaven or in the millennial kingdom if they submit to their rule now.(its hard to say exactly because there is a wide variance from group to group some believe white people won’t be there at all) Some of them also believe that they will get to rape white women when the time comes. White people are the devil. They believe the KJV is the only true version of the Bible. Some only accept the Old Testament.  They made up their own form of Hebrew, which is basically idiotic. They reject the deity of Christ, and many more heresies. Well, Dr. James White, took a look at the movement to help out a brother who has been practicing apolgetics with these groups. Dr. White used his show, to dialogue with one of their leaders, and then later attempted a semi-formal debate. I say, “attempted” because the person on the other end was just like an unreasoning beast. I think that it would be worth your while to watch these videos so that you will know what we are going to be dealing with. The atmosphere of hatred that these groups grow in, mixed with their self-righteousness is a recipe for violence. Imagine street gangs mixed with radical muslim hatred. Got the picture? So here are the videos, and pray for them, pray for all those practicing apolgetics.  Since there are so many weird variations of these groups, please forgive me if I got something wrong.  


2 thoughts on “Black Israelite or Black Hebrew Movement and Dr. James White.

  1. There is a difference between BHI (black Hebrew Israelites) and those who are descendents of Abraham,Isaiac and Jacob who are also of color(so called black people). The BHI are out there to discredit the true Hebrew Israelites. There are peaceful groups of Hebrew Israelites out there (many many others), that are inclusive and loving of all others races and cultures. It is a fact both biblically and genetically that Eber Gen 10., was and is of color. That does not mean that other peoples cannot be part of Israel Romans 11 and Eph 2. So please dont discredit facts with these BHI groups. If you want to know more, contact me.


    1. Their is no homogeneous, “black people” or “white people” or “brown people.” There are only people. We are all descended from Noah’s family. There is no benefit of being Hebrew, Greek, or any other geographically labeled people. Any religious movement or group that says there is a benefit from being the original Hebrews, and twists the Bible to do so is wrong. People of the new covenant are not Israel. They are under a different covenant. The Jews/Hebrews that left Judaism to follow Christ are also under the new covenant. Leave any Hebrew roots movement and their unbiblical theology.


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