New laws include no-permit carry, powdered alcohol ban | Idaho Statesman

Read her article, especially the section on the abortion law being changed.  Follow the link below.  I added my comment to the site and under the link on this post.


Source: New laws include no-permit carry, powdered alcohol ban | Idaho Statesman


This propaganda would be laughable if it weren’t so prevalent. This statement demonstrates her bias, “…Idahoans can carry a concealed gun without needing licenses or training starting Friday, just in time for Independence Day…” Catch the part about training? This implies that there should be training. I suppose the government would regulate that, and determine who could carry after completing the course. That would limit your 2nd amendment right.
Then the abortion piece. This person must be a leftist pro-abort activist or something. Just because a court or government approves or upholds something doesn’t make it moral or ethical. Remember slavery? It was legal. “…It will soon be illegal to buy, sell or donate fetal tissue even though no such practice exists in the state. The law is a response to undercover videos released last summer that alleged Planned Parenthood officials were selling fetal tissue for profit…” It isn’t alleged. It is true, and we all know it. Her little zinger of, “…even though no such practice exists in the state…” was a suggestive addition. If she weren’t practicing propaganda she would have just reported the law change, not added her own bias to taint the minds of the readers. How does she know it wasn’t happening here? Did she do any research? Did she site any sources? Nope, we just have to take her at her word. Oh, and this bit really galled me, “…It was later determined the videos were altered and a grand jury in Texas cleared Planned Parenthood officials…” the altering she was talking about is usually referred to as editing, which I assume she does to her written work. Again, just because a court clears them doesn’t make it moral or ethical. (slavery, racial segregation) How about the little dig at all the evil anti-kill your baby groups trying to save the children from the ghouls in the abortion industry? “…Meanwhile, women seeking an abortion will now be given a list of free ultrasound providers — typically owned by anti-abortion advocates…” Of course they are owned by anti-abortion advocates! Only a hard-hearted, evil, morally bankrupt, blood thirsty, molech worshipping, ghoul, would be pro-abortion in my opinion. (since her article is full of her opinions I thought it would be cool to add mine.)

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