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What is the difference between the Mormon gospel and the gospel of the true Jesus?


According to the documentation on the Mormons own website; “https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bd/gospels”

“…The word gospel means “good news.” The good news is that Jesus Christ has made a perfect atonement for mankind that will redeem all mankind from the grave and reward each individual according to his or her works. This atonement was begun by His appointment in the premortal world but was worked out by Jesus during His mortal sojourn. Therefore, the records of His mortal life and the events pertaining to His ministry are called the Gospels; the four that are contained in our Bible are presented under the names of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John…”

They only had one thing right, and that was the meaning of the word, “gospel.”  Too bad they got everything else wrong.  The Greek word, “εὐαγγέλιον” transliterated is evangelion.  It is where we get our English word, “evangelist” in English we use the word, “gospel” which was an English rendering of a Latin expression meaning, “God’s spell” or “God’s story.”  εὐαγγέλιον means, “good news.”  So what is the good news of Jesus Christ?  Well according to the Mormons it is that everyone lives on after death while some go to one of the three forms of Mormon afterlife determined by their own works.  So basically you go where your works have earned you.  So if you were an uber goody-two-shoes Mormon and followed all the rules you might become an exalted man and one day even a god.  You would get to go to the celestial kingdom until you became a god and had your own solar-system to rule.  If you only were a marginal Mormon you get to go to the terrestial kingdom with all the slackers who were basically good.  Of course if you weren’t a Mormon at all you would have to go to the telestial kingdom and work your way up.

I’m sorry but none of that sounds like very good news to me.  I don’t think that anyone who has ever read the Bible and knows what sin is and what righteousness is would think that is good news.  It looks like insanely BAD news to me.  They are saying that you have to earn your way by works.  Not a lifetime of good works could void even one of my sins.  If you are a thief and you go before the judge and tell him, “Your honor, listen I know I shouldn’t have stolen that ladies purse.  I know it is against the law, but since then I have worked hard and given to charity, and I even washed your car on the way in.”  The judge if he is a just and good judge will say, “None of those things change the fact that you are guilty of the crime of theft.  The fact that you would come in here a guilty thief and try to bribe me with your charity work and washing my car is offensive to me.  You are guilty and here is your sentence.”

If a human judge would be offended how much more would a perfectly and infinitely holy and righteous God be offended?  There is no way to work your way in to Heaven according to the Bible.  Anyone that has honestly read it would tell you that, but the Bible isn’t good enough for the Mormons… oh no!  They have to add the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.  You see if you are going to try to deceive the world you really have to convolute the truth and by muddying the waters they can do that.

So what is the difference between real Christianity and Mormonism’s gospel?  What is the difference between their Jesus and ours?  Well it is quite simple you see Jesus is God.  Not a god, but the God.  Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of all who He would save.  They couldn’t pay their penalty.  Just one deceitful or lustful thought is enough to warrant an eternity in Hell experiencing the wrath of God being poured out on you for ever.  God would be just and right to do so as He is the perfection of goodness, justice, and righteousness.  A person who doesn’t see how insidious and sinful their sin is in contrast to the holiness of God will never understand their inability.  Of course they think they can earn it because they have brought God down to being at one time a man who lived on a planet orbiting a star named Kolob and who was a sinner and they have elevated man to a being that could earn of his own works godhood!  What complete and utter nonsense and heresy!  Jesus saves us by His grace (unmerited favor) He paid our penalty and imputed His righteousness to those He would save.  They are seen as perfectly righteous and holy upon judgment because they are in Christ Jesus through God granted faith.

So our deceived Mormon friends and family are destined for Hell.  What can we do about it?  How can we help them?  Over many years I have tried several different methods of reaching them.  It seems impossible at times, but we know in regards to salvation anything is possible with God.  I would recommend praying for them.  I would also recommend being their friends while gently sharing the differences you have.  I would also recommend that you get offended when they say they are Christians.  Let them see the joy you have in Christ.  Let them see your liberty to love and your light heart.  Let them see that you are at peace with God and assured of your salvation.  They are burdened with upholding so many rules and rituals that they are always about to crack.  They never can know if they have done enough.  Always tell them the truth about Jesus.  Don’t get into a shouting match with them.  Don’t go into a discussion without first arming yourself with knowledge of the word.  If they throw the, “You’re anti-Mormon” card just tell them you are not and ask them about the, “First Vision.”  It is the one where Joseph Smith supposedly sees God the Father and Jesus both in bodily form and they tell him that all of the churches are false and their teachings are abominations and to join none of them.


Then explain how offensive that is to you.  Explain that they are just as much anti-Christian as they claim we are anti-mormon.

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