What does the Bible mean when it calls Jesus the Son of God?


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, what does it all mean?  I had trouble with this when I was younger, but over the years good teachers and wiser men informed by God’s word have been able to help me.  I would like to help those of you who might be having some difficulties with the titles.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are titles of roles that each one of the personages of the trinity are.  Jesus isn’t literally the offspring produced by sexual copulation like the Mormons believe.  He isn’t a created being made from the essence of God or brought forth from it like the Arians believe. (Assemblies of Yahweh, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons)  Jesus is co-eternal along with the other two personages of the trinity.  The title of, “Son” explains the eternal purpose of His role.  Jesus before His incarnation as the hypostatic union existed.  We know that everything was made by Him.  Before God made anything, He had a plan to save us from sin.  He had a plan to demonstrate His longsuffering and loving kindness.  We are part of that plan.  He, as the Son would provide our propitiation.  He as the Father would require it.  The Spirit would enable us to see and hear.  The Father is the ultimate authority.  His will is the will of the trinity.  The Son obeys the Fathers will and seeks to bring glory to the Father.  The Spirit is subordinate to the Son and the Father.  He glorifies the Son and enables us. This is not to say that He is literally a child of the Father.  He was not brought forth out of the essence of God as a lower god.  Jesus fulfills the role of the Son.  He is eternally the Son. 

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