The 180movie logically counters arguments of the Pro-choice proponents.

The 180movie logically counters arguments of the Pro-choice proponents.  If you watch the movie you will be able to use the points brought up by Ray Comfort in this documentary to argue intelligently against the Pro-choice proponents.  Abortion should not even be an option.  It is so blatantly immoral and unethical.  I am incredulous that people fathom it tolerable to practice infanticide.
     If you are not Pro-life and are an open and honest person that considers themselves to be tolerant and fair minded I encourage you to check it out with and open mind and heart.  Human life is valuable.  Would protest the killing of animals for fur or the use of animals as food but not protest abortion?  If you wont see the hypocrisy in that I doubt that you are being very honest or fair.  Please for the sake of the unborn don’t go another minute without watching this movie.

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