Representations of the sinner, church, and gospel in the Old Testament.

The chosen people of God in the Old Testament are representative of the individual sinner, and the church. We see how some want to please God. How others seeking their own pleasures only after being judged repent. In 1 Samuel we see the Israelites rejecting God’s rule. They demand a king other than God. Samuel is to warn them but also he is to anoint the one who would be king. Are we mastered by God or sin? Who is your king? When judged and shown the sin in our lives do we repent, then follow God with our entire heart? Over and over we see God’s chosen people sinning, being punished, repenting, and worshiping. They would go on for a while and fall again. God would accept their repentance and worship after they were humbled. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. It is His mercy to break the sinner. Only in humility can they experience God’s grace. Oh that I could always remember and be humble so as not to sin against my God. I fear the discipline even though I know it is for my good. Like a child I am in regards to it. As one that matures I see the love of the Father in it. Oh how I love Jesus! His grace is sufficient for even me! So as we see the chosen people of God so we should see ourselves the church. How many times have we sinned and in our self-righteousness punished ourselves in the sinful hope of appeasing God’s righteous and holy judgement? How dare we make less of His grace? Did He die on the cross so that we could be our own saviors? Repent of self-righteousness! I to must repent! Don’t let any sin be the churches King. Only Jesus be our king! Like Israel we are God’s people. We were purchased from sins great price by the redeeming blood of Jesus. The Old Testament books display for us the likeness of the individual sinner, the church, and God. We should see the Messiah in all of the word not just the New Testament.

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