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The Church has Surrendered the Royal Law to the Secular Federal Government.


An argument against socialism, undeclared socialism, and communism from a Christian perspective.

The Church has been robbed of one of it’s greatest joys, and duties.  Mark 12:31, “ “The second is this, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” ”  Since we have surrendered this joyful grace and duty to secular government, we will not experience some of the fruit of the gospel the way our predecessors did.  

Think about the things that are done by the government, with tax dollars, allegedly on our behalf.  Here is a short list of some semi-socialised and socialised systems in America; public schools, universities, health care/hospitals, social security, disability, medicare/aid, housing subsidies, foster homes, nursing homes, and government jobs.  Before there was a large centralized federal government, the Church performed most of these functions.  If you were born in a hospital chances were that it was built, and paid for by the Church.  Education was a priority of the Church.  Schools and universities were started by Christians to train up men of God, for the service of our Lord.  Children were treated like spiritual beings, in need of the same gospel as their parents.  They were instructed in doctrine and theology.  They were catechised and experienced confirmation, before acceptance in the Church.  The most prominent building in the center of most towns was the Church, with its high steeple holding the cross aloft for all to look upon.  Orphans were taken care of by the Church.  Christians built, funded, and staffed orphanages, and sanitariums, to help those in need.  The hungry and needy came to the Church for help.  The Church taught people to put away money for themselves in their old age, and to leave an inheritance for their posterity.  The elderly were taken care of by their families.  People sought provisions from God, dispensed through His Church.  

The Church was blessed with the duty and ability to love their neighbor as themselves.  The joy they must have known, demonstrating God’s love and grace to His creatures in their state of need.  The fellowship they shared, the sense of community, the sympathy for the suffering, identifying with other humans in their sorrow, feeling and sharing together the human experience of the divine, ministering to the elderly and dying, all of this service flowing from hearts that have been regenerated by Holy Spirit, people in the newness of spiritual rebirth, obedient to God and their new affections, all testifying to the glorious work of His gospel on and in them.

All of this grace and love shown to those in need, brought their gaze tenderly upon Christ and His cross.  The faithfulness of the Church, worked out in their lives, gave them a glimpse of the gospel they had heard, but never known.  Being blessed in such a way, as to have been helped and provided for when in deep distress, grows a fondness towards God and His body.  People were brought into the communion of believers, as the Holy Spirit convicted them, in light of the goodness of God, demonstrated through His people.

Our current state is so much the worse.  We’ve attempted to alleviate the, “burden” of the Church with social programs funded by taxation.  We’ve removed God as our King.  We’ve taken Him from His throne and cast an idol to be placed upon it.  Human government on the throne, accepting our praises, worship, and our supplications.  We abide atrocities, in hopes of a morsel of provision, to be doled out for the loyal subjects, while waiting expectantly for our false gods to take care of our children, widows, orphans, sick, needy, and old.   Everyone one of us, isolated and in our own compartments, safely tucked away from the suffering of our fellow man. “It is not my problem, isn’t there a government program for that?” We cry out when we gaze up from our electronic distractions to see the plight of a poor unfortunate soul in need.  

Our reliance has shifted from the providence of God in His mercies, to the politburo.  The few political elite imagine new laws to solidify their reign, and foist them upon us, as new commandments to be followed without question.  What was once the domain of the Church is now being dictated by our new secular gods.  What is marriage? Who is my brother? What is tolerance? What is a right? Are all questions our world asks the government to answer.  We wait for them to rule from on high and give us answers.  People wait in lines the first of the month for their food, after receiving their unemployment, social security/disability, welfare, food subsidies, and so on, with nobody in particular to thank, just the nebulous government, who doles out just enough to get by and keep them enslaved.  We need to repent, and enter into the realm of politics and public service as we are called vocationally.  We need to be the salt and light in all arenas of public affairs.  We need not be afraid, but rather boldly proclaim the joy of knowing the Lord.  “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 NASB


Don’t worry, you won’t have to perform gay marriages they said…


This is God’s ordained arrangement, one man, and one woman, together to make a family with children who are created in the image of God to be image bearers of God for His glory.  Not this abomination which is a perversion of God’s will and blasphemous.


It should literally make you gag and want to upchuck.  It is not, “cute” or, “adorbs.”  It is not brave of them or courageous.  It is sad, sick, and should make us pity them.  They need the gospel.  They need to be saved from their sins and reconciled to God.

Meanwhile here in… Idaho!  One of the most conservative states in the Union…  Uh oh! Gay marriage or jail for you Pastor!!!

This is what the Left has planned for us.  Deep in their hearts they hate God and everyone who is for Him.  They are soft on their tyranny now, but wait, soon they will have us rounded up, executed, and buried in mass unmarked graves.


You say that kind of thing can’t happen…  Read your history.  Every immoral revolution has executed the people or dogs they claim were holding them back from evolving.  Instead of Jews it will be Christians who are to blame.

Just because it isn’t a “Church” and the couple make money off of performing a wedding, they are being compelled by the laws of Sodom and Gomorrah to do the will of the Whore of Babylon and the Beast. Next they’ll be telling us we have to prepare recipes for human baby stew for the satan worshipers if you own a restaurant.  Does anyone remember when the sight or thought of two men kissing was revolting?  How about two women doing the same?  It was revolting until the media started forcing on us.  Then two women became sexy instead of revolting.  People told me, “Don’t be such a prude!  It is hot.”  I remember telling everyone then that this is what would be happening.  Nobody cared or believed me.  Well, it is still revolting and disgusting.  God calls it and abomination.  It should cause our stomachs to turn, just like blasphemy should.  Those that give hearty approval to such things will also be cheering in the streets as we are drug away to death camps.


Hey and while we’re at it let’s make those evil Christians Pastors turn over their sermons to be scrutinized by the Gestapo for hate speech violations…  Welcome to the Peoples Democratic Republic of Soviet Secular Atheist Communist Anti-Christ Baby Killing Baal worshiping…  Revelation 6:10 and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”  So the answer to all of this is, repent and put your faith in Christ!  We are all wretched sinners and without the atoning work of Christ on the cross to accomplish that which all of our corrupt works could not, the  payment for sin’s debt.  Jesus paid it all, because He is our good God and we are totally dependent on Him.