Ever wonder why all your sensory organs, except for one are all located so close to the brain?

Let’s consider why our eyes, nose, tongue, and ears, are so close to our brains. If they were located at the extremities, the signals they received would have a higher latency. What you see with your eyes, no longer exists as it did when you saw it. There is a short amount of time that passes from when an observable situation passes from occurring, to being observed, and perceived by an individual. In a sense, we are always living in the past. The same is true for all of our senses. Imagine if there were creatures with vastly superior systems of sensation than us. To us it would seem like they were supernaturally quick. To creatures that don’t have senses closely located to their brains, we seem that way to them.

This is one of the many evidences of an intelligent Creator, as opposed to a chaotic non-probable chance mutation model based on Darwinian evolution. Let’s just assume that there were a pool of creatures that suddenly evolved with all the sense organs, and the neural hardware to operate them. (Which is a lot to assume.) Did they evolve the desire to eat, or the ability to eat first? Did they evolve the complex organs for sexual reproduction first, or the desires to engage in sex first? If they had the desire, but not the capacity, how did they move from their first iteration to the next? If they developed the capacity, but not the desire, you have the same problem. Did they somehow evolve at the same time? Why would they do that? How would that happen? If it didn’t happen for all of the creatures in the pool at the same time, how did they survive long enough to breed, and pass the mutation on? This is all too idiotic. It is a pipe dream.

God as the Creator, makes infinitely more sense to me than any of these other silly ideas. We have similarities to other creatures, because we have the same Creator, who used similar designs, not because we are related through ancestorial descent.

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