Transgender? Homosexual Marriage? Social Justice?

Christian, do not employ the nomenclature of the lost! It is rife with flawed presuppositions. You cede your argument before you ever begin. Let’s examine the term, “transgender.” If you begin a discussion with someone on the topic of delusional perversion by employing the term, “transgender” you have already lost. You’ve admitted that people can be, “transgender” by accepting into common use the term of the lost. How many people do you know, who after being born, mutated in such a way as to change from being chromosomally XY to being XX, or vice versa? You see, that would truly be transgenderism. Since this is an impossibility, the term itself should not be employed.

Homosexual marriage is an impossibility as well, as God has clearly defined what true marriage is in His word. To call any other union a marriage in the same line is to call God a liar, and open treason against Him. Instead, call it what it is, a perverse government sanctioned joining of two lost perverts. Even in non-Christian, heterosexual marriages we could use the same description. Two lost people go to the court with a license and get legally joined by the government. Since when did the government define marriage? It should only agree with God on what marriage is.

Social justice? I’m sorry my friends, justice is either justice, or it is not. There is no need, nor benefit of adding an adjective to it. When God finally balances the scales, He will punish the victimizers, and restore the victims. Guess what, that doesn’t mean you are a victim. The only victims in the end will be those who love Christ Jesus, and had to endure during their temporal lives the besmirching of Christ by the lost. We will be vindicated, because our great and mighty King will put down all treason against Him once and for all. You can bend your knee now, or you can do it later, but rest assured, you will bend your knee and recognize Him as King, and God.

As Christians, we care about what is objectively true. Let’s not lie, by complacence, or trying to please the world. The truth of the matter is, a person who feels, thinks, they are a gender other than what they are, is suffering from their enslavement to their sinful nature. They are also suffering the noetic effect of sin. They are also believing lies. They are delusional, and perverted. Before you get on your high-horse, remember so were some of you. After conversion, we are all at war with sin in our lives. We need to have mercy, and charity, when proclaiming the truth to someone who is so lost, and confused, but let’s not engage in lies to do so. Accurately surmise the situation, and share the truth in love with them.

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