A Review of the Crossway ESV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible in Genuine Black Leather.


The Crossway ESV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible in black genuine leather is a great value. The suggested retail on the box is $84.99, but it can be found on Amazon for $55.30 at the time of writing. Christianbook.com has it for $51.99. If you’d rather buy it direct from Crossway you can get it for $59.99 here. It comes in a cardboard clamshell box. The Bible is printed and bound in China. Personally, I’d rather they print them here in the U.S. but I understand why they still print them in China. There is also a good publisher in South Korea. I hope they consider moving to South Korea if not to the states.


The leather is not that shiny cheap feeling pig skin leather you might find on Bibles from other publishers. This leather seems to actually be cowhide leather. The leather cover has a pleasant amount of grain to it. It isn’t like Highland goatskin with lots of texture, and it isn’t smooth like some ironed calfskin leather covers. It is case bound. Meaning the text block is connected to the cover via the end pages, and a sheet of vinyl covered paper that spans the front, and one on the rear inner covers as a liner.


The spine is smyth-sewn, making it durable, and flexible.


If you have purchased Crossway Bibles that were made in China, you won’t be surprised by anything with this one. The paper is on par with what they have used in the past, and the printing is clear, and sharp. The pages are not as opaque as more expensive Bibles, but remember, this one is a great value.


I don’t think you can do much better for the money. You get the reliable English Standard Version text laid out in a double column paragraph format with 10.5 pt. font. You also get cross references in the footer of the pages.


This is a black letter edition. There is one black ribbon marker. Like most Chinese sourced Bibles, the ribbon marker is kind of weak on this edition. In the rear of the Bible you get a concordance, and maps. This Bible includes a lifetime warranty from Crossway.


If you’d like to see the rest of the pictures please visit my Flickr album here.

As I mentioned above, this is a good value. If you are in the market for a large print, but don’t want to carry around a thick, heavy, Bible, this one definitely fits the niche, and budget.

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The Illuminated Scripture Journal Set from Crossway.


The Illuminated Scripture Journal is a multi-volume set of New Testament books which have been artistically illuminated by Dana Tanamachi who was commissioned by Crossway for her artistry.

Each page that occurs on the left contains scripture in a single column with drop cap chapter numbers in gold, in a paragraph format, with the verse numbers superscript in black text.  Also in gold are section headings above the text.


The pages that occur on the right, and opposite of the scriptures, contain blank pages ruled with faintly printed dots to help you keep your lines straight without being too obvious.


There are also scripture verses, and designs that are artistically rendered in gold on these pages.  Some full page features are dispersed throughout.


My first impression of the boxed set was mixed.  On the one hand, when I think of illuminated scriptures what comes to mind is an ancient hand copied tome with leather clad wood board covers and a metal hasp, along with ornately decorated pages, multiple colors, and drawings.


This set is much more conservative in its use of illumination.  To me they look like a talented person went along with a gold colored marker and marked up the covers, and pages.

Mind you, it isn’t unpleasant, and most peoples minds wouldn’t go where mine did.  I still found the work to be pleasant to look at, but we are talking about a set that is covered in card paper, and glued together.


I appreciate the binding being far better than, “perfect bound” books.  It isn’t as good as a sewn binding with a leather cover.  These personal preferences aside, this set is meant to be affordable, and it is also meant to be used.  The idea is for you to engage the word, and for it to be engaging.  These volumes are meant to be read, and then written in.  They aren’t intended to be some priceless, unapproachable work from antiquity, and most likely, if you use them as they are intended to be used, they will never make it antiquity.  You’ll carry them along with you, the corners will get bent, the pages will get marked up, and you’ll learn a lot about the Author, and His intent.  If you’d like to look at more pictures visit my Flickr album.

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A Snyder’s Soapbox review of, “The Prize-Winning Story” by Ken Yoder Reed

It wasn’t my cup of tea. I imagine you’d have to have given yourself over to panderous obsequity in regards to the Jews, and Israel to appreciate this book. It is one thing to be pro-Israel/Jewish people, it is another to pursue their favor like a beggar with no dignity. Regrettably, this is how the story goes, “Jews=great, Christians=abusers” I had enough of this book after reading the fictional account of a woman being abused by her father, and men in the Church. I mean, come on? Seriously? Like the Jewish people don’t do any of that either? I’m not trying to be mean. It simply wasn’t for me.

If you happen to be a Hebrew Roots movement heretic, or John Hagee fan, you might enjoy this book. For me, it was tedious, boring, and worst, insulting.