Pro-choice Christian? Nope!

People who say, “I’m a Christian, and pro-choice.” are neither. First, if you condone, or give hearty approval to murdering a human in the womb, you are not pro-choice. You have killed that young person without knowing their will, and have acted unjustly, and unilaterally. You have cruelly, and inhumanly tortured them to death, without a trial. This is not how Christians behave. Second, to say the Bible is ambiguous about the murder of children is pure ignorance, dishonesty, or both. Some satanists who claim to be Christian would say that the Bible says life begins when you take your first breath. This is a terrible misunderstanding of the plain reading of the text, or it is a purposeful perversion of the text to justify their murderous intent. They use for example the instance, “Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” 8 Genesis 2:7-8

Here is the problem with equating that to a child in the womb, Adam was formed from the clay, directly, and supernaturally by God Himself. Adam was the first man, and the progenitor of all successive men. All successive men would come through the means that God ordained, natural conception, and birth. Children in the womb, become a living being at the moment of conception. God breaths into them their soul, who they are as a unique individual. This is, “the breath of life.” The life that God gives is the causal factor. The active condition of living is the effect, just as breathing is not the cause of life, it is the effect of life. If God removes from His creatures the breath of life, they will die, but it is God who made them, and breathed into them, the breath of life, which is not simply air, and respiration, but rather the unique individual being who they are at that moment, and who they will grow to be over their entire life. Psalms, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Exodus, Job, and so on. I’d give you some specific verses to look up, but you would just go to find a flaw, or somehow refute what I am writing without reading the Word of God in context to see the intent of our Creator. This way, hopefully you will read the Word of God, and see the context while you are seeking to defend your hideous position. This is how I came to Christ by the way. I sought to disprove Him to a Christian by using the Bible against itself. It did not work.

If you read the entire Bible, it is abundantly obvious, and clear, that life begins at conception. In Exodus 21 If a pregnant woman is struck, and the child dies, the man is guilty of murdering a person, not simply killing, as the death sentence was listed as the punishment. Jeremiah reveals God’s designs, and plans for him, before he was conceived. John the baptist leapt for joy in his mother’s womb when he heard the greeting of Mary who was pregnant with Jesus. A clump of tissue does not leap for joy.

I hope that you are merely ignorant, and once educated, you will repent of your pro-choice position. If you truly are Christian, you must. Otherwise, it is most likely that you will prove to be a false convert, and suffer an eternity in hell, having the wrath of God poured out on you forever. I do not want that for anyone. Unlike the children who have no choice due to their lack of power as infants, you have a choice, right this very moment. Repent, and trust Jesus’ work on the cross to justify you to God, or reject the notion that abortion is a horrible sin, remain in your sins, for lack of repentance, and die in them. You might think that you are a Christian, but as long as you are for the slaughtering of innocent human life, for the sake of sexual liberty, perversion, promiscuity, and convenience, it is doubtful that you have truly repented of your sins.

2 thoughts on “Pro-choice Christian? Nope!

  1. Thanks for this. I think it is a huge failing of America’s pastors that so many do not teach their congregations about this vast injustice. God have mercy on us for this horrible sin.


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