Coronavirus, and Passover.

Here in my house, I sit.  It is early in the morning before my day of work begins.  A comparison of the Jews in bondage to Egypt during the ten plagues, and our current situation with the virus comes to mind.  My initial thought was, “If only we could put the blood of the Passover Lamb on our door posts, and lintel, that this creeping death would pass over our households…”  This notion probably came to mind due to my formative Christian years as a Pentecostal.  We would have anointed our doorway with oil, and prayed over the house.  We would have hoped, and expected that none of us would get sick, or die.

Now, many years later, I don’t think that way anymore.  Now, regardless of if I live or die, I know the blood of the Passover Lamb has been applied to my soul.  The shadow, of the reality was the Passover.  The reality fulfilled is the crucifixion of Christ Jesus.  What Christ did on the cross, has secured my eternal life.  He took my place, and paid the price that I owed.  I am forever marked by His blood.  Eternal dying will pass over me, due to what He did a little over 2000 years ago.  He knew He would do this, before He created any thing.  Even though, He still created.  He has done so for His glory, and our good.  God is merciful.

In the fuller sense, as Christians, we have the true Passover Lamb.  He was spotless, without blemish, or defect.  We were full of blemishes, and defects.  It was our normal state of being before we met the Lord.  Now, with regeneration, repentance and faith,  granted by God to the elect, along with the preaching, and hearing of the gospel, we have the imputed righteousness of Christ, God.  When we die, He passes over judging us as He does the unrepentant.  We have the blood of the Lamb applied to us.  Praise God, and thank Him for His wonderful love, and amazing grace.

The coronavirus may cause our deaths.  Yes, even Christians die of diseases contrary to what many false teachers preach today.  You should not believe a man that preaches health and wealth who wears glasses, or has to get medical treatment.  Trust only in Christ.  We will certainly die.  Whether it is of coronavirus, accident, heart attack, cancer, or any other condition doesn’t matter.  If we are in Christ, we will step out of this temporal material world, and in to eternity with the Lamb of God.  We will bask in His glory, and radiance, and praise Him forevermore.  We have eternal life in Jesus, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

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