We Create Gods in Our Image, Paganism and Idolatry.

We humans are very self-centered, or anthropocentric.  When we make up a god, or religion, we make it in our image as a collective society.  It is usually a god that looks, and values what we do.  Consider the Norse mythological system, their gods valued fighting, and dying an honorable death in combat.  They valued strength.  All the false world religions look like the people they came from.  Men always imagine gods that are able to be appeased through their efforts.  We make our gods in our image.  We make gods that think, and look like us, and value the same things.  This is called idolatry.  Our ancestors did it, we do it, and chances are many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Christianity is the only true faith, and worships the only true God.  He made us in His image.  He cannot be appeased by us, nor does he value the lowly, base, and sinful things we value.  We could never imagine a God like the true God.  He had to reveal Himself to us.  The record of His revelation to us, and all that is needed to know Him is in the Bible.  There we can read about Him, and come to know Him.  Through that process, I think you’l find, as I and many other Christians have, there is no way, anyone could have created such a God.

Many people claiming to be Christians have made a god in their own image.  They go to Church with true Christians, and other false converts.  They sing songs to their god, they pray to him/it, they worship him/it, but it won’t avail them.  They might say things like, “Don’t judge!” or, “My god would never send anyone to Hell.” or, “I don’t believe in the god of the Old Testament, I like the one in the New Testament better.” or, “God is love, love is god.”  Keep in mind, this god reflects what that person values, not the God of the Bible.

I encourage you to examine yourself, and see if you have created a god in your own image, or if you worship God in truth and in spirit.  Eternity is a long time to be wrong.

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