Secular Counseling vs. Christian Counseling.

The reasons that I wouldn’t go to a secular counselor are that they try to find out what will make you happy, and then get you there.  As if personal happiness is the goal.  I don’t care if someone is happy or not, I want them to do what is right. That’s why I insist on a Christian counselor.  A coworker related his marriage counselor story to me. He said the MARRIAGE counselor told his wife she should divorce him because she thought that would make her happy. What if strangling toddlers made me happy? Would the secular counselor tell me to do it? Don’t assume they wouldn’t.

For the mental health industry their authority is the DSM5.  Whatever it says is what they have to go by.  So when these professionals all get together and decide that being transgender or wanting a sex change is not an illness, but rather something acceptable, then they way they approach it changes.  They can’t call it sin, because it isn’t part of the secular vocabulary.  Well, a Christian counselor can call it sin, and try to deal with it as sin.  They still have all the tools they learned in College, but they also have their feet grounded on a firm and unchanging foundation that provides a standard that will never move.  The secular world cannot provide that.

Without a concern for what is right according to God, we are left with just man’s sinful nature… and that is not good people. Don’t choose to be happy at the expense of what is right. Choose to be righteous and rest in Christ, then you’ll know true joy even if you aren’t happy at times.  If you need help go find some good Christian counseling.  Center for Hope and Healing in Meridian, Idaho is pretty good.

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