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What does God’s Judgment Look Like America? Ask Jerusalem.

The judgment of God against Jerusalem and Judah for their idolatry and abandonment of God.  Sound familiar?

Isaiah 3:4-6, 8,9,11,12, 16-26.

4And I will make mere lads their princes,
And capricious children will rule over them,

5And the people will be oppressed,
Each one by another, and each one by his neighbor;
The youth will storm against the elder
And the inferior against the honorable.

6When a man lays hold of his brother in his father’s house, saying,
“You have a cloak, you shall be our ruler,
And these ruins will be under your charge,”

4-6 looks like millennials influence on culture and the advancement of socialism.  I’m not saying it is, or was back then.  In our day it seems like a correlation.

8For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen,
Because their speech and their actions are against the LORD,
To rebel against His glorious presence.

9The expression of their faces bears witness against them,
And they display their sin like Sodom;
They do not even conceal it.
Woe to them!
For they have brought evil on themselves.

8-9 People are proud of their wickedness now.  They flaunt their sexual immorality as if it is a badge of liberty.

11Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him,
For what he deserves will be done to him.

12O My people! Their oppressors are children,
And women rule over them.
O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray
And confuse the direction of your paths.

We complain about our leaders, but they are what we deserve as a nation of godless pagans.  Sure there are some faithful people in the country, “But God is the Judge; He puts down one and exalts another.” Psalm 75:7  “21“It is He who changes the times and the epochs;
He removes kings and establishes kings;
He gives wisdom to wise men
And knowledge to men of understanding.” Daniel 2:21


16Moreover, the LORD said, “Because the daughters of Zion are proud
And walk with heads held high and seductive eyes,
And go along with mincing steps
And tinkle the bangles on their feet,

17Therefore the Lord will afflict the scalp of the daughters of Zion with scabs,
And the LORD will make their foreheads bare.”

18In that day the Lord will take away the beauty of their anklets, headbands, crescent ornaments, 19dangling earrings, bracelets, veils, 20headdresses, ankle chains, sashes, perfume boxes, amulets, 21finger rings, nose rings, 22festal robes, outer tunics, cloaks, money purses, 23hand mirrors, undergarments, turbans and veils.

24Now it will come about that instead of sweet perfume there will be putrefaction;
Instead of a belt, a rope;
Instead of well-set hair, a plucked-out scalp;
Instead of fine clothes, a donning of sackcloth;
And branding instead of beauty.

25Your men will fall by the sword
And your mighty ones in battle.

26And her gates will lament and mourn,
And deserted she will sit on the ground.

When all of these things happen to us, will we repent?


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