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Unmerited favor

curried for me

In eternity prior

By God sovereignly.


I failed to want His grace you see

Certainly not required for me

No thoughts of shame or guilt to ply

The focus of my dimmed eye.


What use is grace to me?

I am good, certainly.

I need no pardon or reprieve.

For I am great don’t you see.


In my own mind I’m a saint.

Suffering no sinful taint.

No sins solely mine.

No need of the divine.


Until the day of my rebirth

When i lost my carefree mirth

Self-righteous deception

In blindness did

Manifested its debt prior, well hid.


My countenance fell

With deep regret.

Sorrow O my soul!

How could I’ve been so blind?

To give God no mind.


Now humbled

I seek some peace

In reverence I beseech

Forgive this wretched beast?


This foul dreg, now pardoned saint

Impassioned now for what was quaint.

Eyes quickened with life’s blessed gleam

Surveying what was once unseen.


Thanks to the Spirit

who is making me whole

O glory to the Holy One

Who has saved my soul

And blessed be my Jesus

His praises I extol!

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