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What is a young man’s incentive to get married?

What is a young man’s incentive to get married?

In today’s culture, there really is none.  Think about it.  Because of feminism, promiscuity, abortion, birth control, and unfair divorce laws, a man has no reason to get married.  For a young man today, he has women exercising their, “equality” by approaching him for promiscuous sex outside of marriage.  He doesn’t have to court them, or win their affections.  No, he just has to be attractive, and willing.  He doesn’t have to worry about becoming a Father either.  Birth control, and abortion have him covered there.  Why become a Father when he can remain a boy?  Not to mention what he witnessed growing up.  His own Father was never in his life, because of the divorce his parents put him through.  He only got to see his Father on the court appointed days.  His buddies that have been divorced tell him of how they have to pay alimony, lose half their retirement accounts, take all of the debt, lose half of their assets, and only get to see their children when it is convenient for their ex.  So if he can keep having all of the sex he wants without being married, or even in a committed relationship, why would he want to go through the rest of that trouble?  This is why we need a Biblical world-view.  This is one of the ways the enemy has engineered to take down our culture.  Our culture was based on God’s word.  This is one of the ways the enemy has decided to defile us, and mock God.

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