Trigger Words, Microaggressions, and Further Idiocy Oh My!

We’ve lost the ability to reason and now feel everything. It is insane!

If you’ve been to a college campus, public school, or work lately, you probably have had to sit through a class on, “Micro-Aggressions and Trigger Words.” For those of you lucky enough to have not been exposed to this, consider yourselves blessed. This is one of the most insidious forms of attack on free speech that I have seen in many years. It is very sneaky and subtle, masquerading as consideration for others feelings, but in reality it is being used to litigate you into keeping your mouth shut all the time. Just like the mind policing in the book, “1984.”

It is all so very subjective as well. I can declare my lil’ ol’ self a victim and become a victim, at the same time transforming you into a vile offender, just by feeling an affront, whether intended or not. The offender is guilty solely based on my subjective, hurt feelers. Look out! Be on the watch! Haven’t you heard? Words come from feelings and thoughts. Feelings and thoughts come from your heart and your head. Watch and control what you think and feel or they might make their way out into dangerous words. Words that cause trauma.

I seem to remember a saying from my childhood, “Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This little axiom has served me well over the years, but what do I know? I mean, afterall I live in the real world. I’ve been a Corrections Officer for the last 20 years. I’ve been assaulted. I’ve seen savage assaults. People have died due to these assaults. I’ve defended my family with physical force. I’ve defended nice people in public from being physically assaulted. The people claiming trauma from microaggressions have never truly been exposed to real aggression or experienced real trauma. They sit like tiny wisps of web in a dark corner yearning to come out into the light, only to be blown away by the first slight breeze that comes along. They have no anchor. They have no steadfastness. They are worthless under true strain and toil. They have placed their feelings and themselves on the throne of God to be worshipped by all others. There is no humility in being the perpetual victim. There is no right of, “Not being offended.” There is however a right to be able to say what you want and express your thoughts, however inane you are. We can’t infringe upon this Constitutionally protected right.

Imagine this nonsense playing out in a country where people worry about thugs breaking down their doors and killing them. News flash, the people who use these weapons of unreasonable emotion against us are the thugs. They are taking our right to free speech and expression with their new shiny gotcha guns. “Oh, you hurt my poor wittle feelings wif your microaggressions” Wipe the tears from your eyes nancy-boy and get a job in the real world. Maybe lump loading freight onto pallets so the forklift driver can take them away will help you? Maybe pulling green-chain at a wood mill will toughen you up? Perhaps a job in a meat packing plant or slaughter house will help you? Maybe, working for a living instead of existing off of tax-fed government programs will help you see the light? Who am I kidding? We all know that your type couldn’t survive in the world without help.

That’s why you have to pervert it into some parasitical facade, subsiding off the labor of others is the only way a limp wristed, slack jawed, maggot like you could survive. You’re killing the host that sustains you! Idiots!!!

I can’t put all the blame on you. There is plenty for men like me. We should have tormented you until you died and were born again hard. As soon as we discerned your weakness, we should have planned for your redemption. We should have made it our personal mission to help you grow into a man. We should have realized that we have a vested interest in your development. We failed you, and I am regretful. I apologize for not seeing your great need of a beating, shame, or harsh words, at the opportune time. I apologize for not teaching you the difference between real and imagined suffering. I apologize for letting you get by at work. I apologize for not making everything into a competition, where all involved would learn to excel. Even the loser produces more when honor is important and on the line. I apologize for not saying something to you when your children misbehave in the store. I apologise for not shaming you when you deserved it.

Too many weaklings, too many cowards, not enough men punching idiots in the face. Seriously, if you said something stupid when I was young, you got socked in the jaw. Guess what, you learn a lot from a good beating. I’m not talking the type of gang-land honorless beatings you see doled out by gutless wonders on the street. I’m talking about a good honest, put up your dukes, one on one fight, over an issue worthy of fisticuffs. To all the people who say you can’t solve problems with violence, I say, “You’ve never made a friend by beating him in a fight.” When you know a man will fight for his rights, or what he believes is right, and you know this because he fought you over them, whoever wins can respect the one who lost, because he knows that man is a man of action and character. Now, we lockem’ up and label them violent offenders. We have a society of sissified, self-important, entitled, leeches, bleeding the rest of us dry and vilifying us. When we are all gone, and you delicates are left alone, to watch in horror as your real enemies crawl over the unkept walls of our dead constitution to slit your throats in broad daylight, remember this… it is all your fault.

For those of you who think this is unbecoming of a Christian man, or think that I’m not demonstrating grace, well, you may be right. I am angry. I am frustrated. I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing. It has sickened me. So this is a knee-jerk, polemic against the overly sensitive. I still think it was necessary and good for people to see. They need to know that we are on to them. Maybe I could have been more diplomatic or considerate, but given the topic, I thought it fitting to be blunt. I might well be sinning by being so open with my thoughts and feelings on the topic, but hey, “that is a microaggression and you’re causing me trauma” goes both ways.

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