Nazarene Scholars Continue To Undermine Belief In God’s Word With Evolution’s Lie

Former Nazarene

“Theistic evolution is a concept being taught in many “evangelical” seminaries and colleges today. It is an idea that comes straight from the pit of hell. To believe that human evolution is true is to say that the Bible contains lies and myths, and that Adam and Eve were allegorical figures. If you teach and promote theistic evolution, you are calling God a liar. There is no middle ground here.”

This is my first article in almost two months, but I’m afraid things are just as bad as it was since my last post; the status quo in most of the evangelical denominations has not changed; and the Nazarene church is still in bad shape, notwithstanding any rosy reports from the General Superintendents or other leadership. Compromise seems to be the underlying principal for these religious leaders for quite some time now. Independent thought and true leadership is a thing…

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4 thoughts on “Nazarene Scholars Continue To Undermine Belief In God’s Word With Evolution’s Lie

  1. Being a Nazarene Bible student, I can confess that our textbook are replete with comments supportive of theistic view of Genesis 1 and 2. My textbook is Greathouse, William M. Wholeness in Christ: Toward a Biblical Theology of Holiness. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 1998. Print. This is a Nazarene publishing house and it says:

    “The Genesis account of creation is to be understood as a theological account of origins. Although the first chapter of Genesis suggests several striking parallels to the way modern science views beginnings, it is not to be taken as a ‘scientific’ description of origins.”

    I challenged it, but to my own peril. I have even been asked to drop out, which I have refused.


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