Repentance, granted by God.

Repentance granted by God







So imagine you are in a dark room.  You have two actual options to choose from.  You are only aware of one.  The one you are aware of is in front of you, dimly lit.  The other, is covered under a black box.  You are not aware of its existence.  How can you choose an option you are not aware exists?  If you are a slave to sin, and not regenerate, you are like the person in the dark room.  You choose what you have chosen, and you do it over and over again.  If you are going to be saved, God makes the other option evident to you.

heaven or hell







It is as if, He removes the box, and shines a bright light on the other option.  In so doing, you realize it is far superior.  The other actual option you were reveling in is realy like; vomit, feces, and maggots.  In revulsion you cast it down.  You vigorously whip your hands back and forth in disgust.  The realization of what you had once loved, and called good, is so disgusting, in light of the truth, that you can’t believe you loved it.  You flee to the truth of God, as fast as you can, with reckless abandon, throwing yourself at the foot of the cross, seeing it’s beauty for the first time.

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