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03/02/14 Our Visit to the First Baptist Church of Fruitland

fruitland sbc








We visited the First Baptist Church of Fruitland on 03/02/14.

  1. How approachable/welcoming, is the Pastor before and/or after the service? The Pastor was proactive in greeting us and making sure to invite us to the potluck after the service. He was very friendly.
  2. How friendly is the congregation? The congregation was very friendly and welcoming. They invited us to their potluck after the service and made sure to engage us in conversation.
  3. How many congregants are there? There were approximately between 15-25 people there.
  4. How do they take the offering? A plate was passed.
  5. Where are they located? They are pretty conveniently located close to Fruitland, and Ontario. They are at, 1070 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Fruitland, Idaho 83619, their phone number is (208) 452-3938
  6. How is the service broke down between, prayers, worship, and sermon? It seemed to be approximately 20% prayer, 40% worship, and 40% sermon.
  7. What is the condition of their facilities? The facilities were average for a small congregation.
  8. What is the preaching style of their Pastor? The sermon was an exegesis of Romans 7. It seemed expository. We’d have to keep visiting to know for sure.
  9. Do they use a specific translation of the Bible, or prohibit any translations, if so why? They used the KJV for the overhead and the Pastor read out of it. They didn’t seem to prohibit other translations though.
  10. Do they have a web page? They don’t have a web page, but they do have a Facebook page. The link is at the bottom of this article.   If so, is there a clear, orthodox, confession or statement of faith? I couldn’t see one on the Facebook page.

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