Molinism Seems Silly

I think the inveracity of Molinism can be demonstrated by considering the attributes/perfections of God in relation to each other. Consider the perfect omniscience of God in conjunction with His aseity, and eternality. God has perfect knowledge. He possesses this complete, and unerring knowledge inside of time, and outside of time. He possesses this knowledge eternally. He has never, not known, what He has done. I write in the past tense of what He has done to illustrate that in eternity, His will is already a reality that is not to come, but is actual at the moment of His one word being spoke, but logically preexisted in Him. For us it is like ripples on a calm lake that emanate from a central impetus. This is due to our nature as temporal, finite, creatures. Time unfolds for us here. Eternity is an anthropologically unseen reality without the dimension of time. For us time, and space are connected in a profound way, as we cannot move through one without moving through the other. Consider God’s omnipresence as well. He is present in times, outside of times, and in between times. This last notion demonstrates His hyperdimensionality, and this necessitates God being more than one person, thus Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity). Only one has locus in spacetime, and that is the Son. The Father and the Spirit are both spirit. They do not have physical bodies, and the attribute of simplicity is found in their lack of parts. According to His attribute of aseity, He is perfectly without need, and has always been, is being, and will always be. He is not a created being, but the Creator of all beings that have existed, exist, and will exist. To exist means to come out of nothing, into being. This can only be said of creatures, not God Himself. He is being. To us, the future is uncertain. It hasn’t been actualized yet in temporal existence. We are temporally bound to this existence which will one day be destroyed by God with fire, and remade incorruptible, and will not be destroyed again. Those in Christ will be with Him in eternity. Those outside of Christ will be in Hell, undergoing conscious eternal torment, for all eternity at the hand of God, who is the just judge. Their punishment will bring glory to God by being vessels of His wrath on which His perfect justice is demonstrated. Those in Christ will bring glory to God, by being rescued by the grace of God, demonstrating His mercy.

Molinism is the attempt of the earthly bound mind to fit God into their small diorama of existence, and morality. For them, a God who does not create them with a completely autonomous free will is the author of evil, and a puppet master. This is ludicrous to anyone who has even superficially examined God’s perfections in relation to themselves. That is my overly judgmental opinion, and I understand if you don’t find it amiable.

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