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It is Time to Stop Praying for God to Bless America, Now What?

As the satanists in Detroit go to celebrate the unveiling of a 9 ft. tall 1 ton idol of their god, we have to see this against the backdrop of everything else that is happening in our once great nation. The picture below is of a statue of baphomet or satan. You can see the little children there looking up at him, the goat head, horns, and pentagram on his forehead.

At least half of us Americans want gay marriage to be legal and moral, are fine with abortions as long as they are safe for the mother, want drugs to be legal and moral, are fine with divorce and bluntly don’t see the need for such an antiquated notion like marriage.  After all, most of us, myself and perhaps a few of you, were raised by a single mother.  We also want to not work and have everything free to us.  I wonder, if this is what people want when they exercise their free will, if there isn’t a better way?  I say, “Let’s all be slaves of Christ and give up our sinful wills!”  This illusion that we are somehow basically good is nonsense!  Without God restraining us from being as evil as we could be, it would be like the days of Noah, but worse.  Just look around and see how it is now!

So my solution, the only one I see, is that we as Christians start praying for God to violate everyone’s will in this country.  I want Him to discipline us as sons.  I want Him to crush the proud and humble them.  I want Him to bring all the sinners to repentance and faith in Him.  After all, He is the only one, true, and living God.  So let’s pray for God to discipline America as a nation.  Let’s pray for Him to make us repent.  Don’t let us have a choice, because we know what we would choose, just like the Israelites chose the gold calf and orgies when God used Moses to bring them forth from Egypt.  We would choose the same.  So, we don’t want a choice for America!  No, we want God’s will for America! We want all of us, as a nation to repent and believe upon Jesus Christ as our Lord, Master, Creator, and Savior!

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