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The Worship of the Pseudo-god Called Love.

There are many people who refer to themselves as Christians, who elevate love to the supreme arbiter of what is good and evil. Sure they confess belief in God, but they have made an all  permissive god to worship.  These people cast down all doctrines and theology that would threaten their pseudo-god. They do this in the name of love. The problem is that they themselves do not really know what true love is. They have never experienced it. If they had, they surely would not act and believe the way they do.

God is love that is for certain, but love is not God. Many of us have heard this axiom and concur with it. It is obvious to people who have truly experienced God’s love. People who haven’t, who argue for their type of love being imposed on their concept of God, can’t possibly wrap their minds around true love. They cannot, because they don’t understand their complete sinful corruption in contrast to the complete and perfect holiness of God.

God is love yes, but not at the exclusion of His holiness, righteousness, goodness, justice, knowledge, or any of His other many attributes which He is the perfection of. When these theologically liberal types come around espousing a loving benevolent god who has no requirements of man other than being vessels of His love, we need to remind them that they are wrong. They fail to see how bad their sin is compared to how good God is. They can’t fathom the gap. In their minds, they deserve a loving god who would condescend to save them, where they are at without repentance.  After all they, aren’t that bad compared to those orthodox bullies, who insist on adhering to the word of God.

It is true that God condescended, to leave majesty in the personage of Christ, with the purpose of making atonement for sin, to justify men to Himself. This work cost God greatly.  It came in the form of suffering.  Christ suffered the wrath that we had coming to us. He was also cut off from the Father at that moment on the cross. God’s grace is not free in that sense. He paid a great price to redeem His elect.

We, as the elect must count the cost of being born again. As the elect, we are the only ones who count the cost as worthwhile. The unrepentant sinner will count the cost as too steep. He won’t be able to put the proper value on it.  This is due to his high view of himself and his low view of God. This leads to a rejection.  They reject everything from God that requires them to be completely surrendered to His will as expressed in His word.

Some will lead people to a false faith, that has no cost for them. They don’t preach the personal cost of true repentance and submission in surrender to their Lord and Master. When one comes to a knowledge of their personal guilt before the one true and Holy God, they can see how utterly lacking they are in the ability to be good enough. They can’t measure up. It is impossible. Only God is or could be good enough to satisfy the requirements of God. This leaves the left crying, “That’s not fair! The god I worship would never make the requirements so very unattainable. They would be correct, because the true God is not the god that they worship.

They worship a god that is purported to love all people unconditionally, instead of a God who loves people to such a degree that He satisfies the conditions for them perfectly. The type of love that God has for us will not leave us in our sins, unrepentant. It changes a person. Those He has predestined, He will grant true faith and repentance that leads to salvation.

The liberal group sees no need to preach about sin and repentance. They just preach that we should love everyone and accept them just the way they are.  They preach that god does the same. Before I go on, God does love people who are not friends of the world. He does have a love for His creation, albeit not the same love He has for His elect. He loved us while we were yet sinners. The difference is, that the one who is truly loved by God, begins to understand how depraved they are. They begin to see how good He is. They see the price He paid on the cross for them. They feel true remorse and are humbled. They begin to hate their sin and love Him more than their own will. They pray for Him to do away with their will, for it only brings sorrow to them. They desire for His will to become their will. This means that all things that He hates, they begin to hate and all things He loves they begin to love. This is a product of His sanctifying work after He has justified them.

So a person, who rejects the will of God in favor of their fallen, sinful, concept of love, stays in their sins and under condemnation. They haven’t experienced true love that saves and sanctifies. To follow them seems right to men. So in the name of love and tolerance they accept abominations upon abominations. When those who have been justified by God’s amazing grace attempt to share the true good news with them they are decried as intolerant, bigots, haters, Pharisees, and homophobes.

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