The Cost of Sin, Then and Now.


During my reading of Leviticus I noticed the personal cost associated with sin under the sacrificial system.  Of course this is only one aspect of the sacrificial system to learn about.  There are others, but this one struck me today.  The notion that there is a price to be paid, a sacrifice that has tangible personal expense, that must be paid.  A bull, one that is perfect, a ram that is perfect, a lamb that is perfect, these creatures were meaningful to their owners.  They were a source of many staples.  They had a value to them.  They were not easy and free.  They could not be easily replaced.  It took work to replace them.  It took work to sacrifice them.  It took faith to believe that it was efficacious.  On this side of the incarnation it is something we can look back at and marvel.  We can appreciate the sovereignty of God more when we see His plan in the past and the perfection of it in the crucifixion of Christ.  We live in a new covenant with God.  The old covenant magnifies Christ Jesus.  Let us do the same in thought, word, deed, and prayer.

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