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A Review of, “Learn to Read New Testament Greek” and the Workbook.

chinese new testament and greek book with workbook holman 035

This isn’t going to be like my typical Bible or book reviews.  I am going to spend some time using the text book and workbook.  I will try to post updates every week or so.  I will inform you of my progress, ease of use, and general effectiveness of the material.  The first week was pretty simple.  The book introduced the Greek alphabet and some basics about vowels, consonants, breathing marks, accents, punctuation, phonology and morphology, and diphthongs.  The workbook was useful for using the subject matter of the textbook.  However, there is no answer key in the back of the workbook so you’ll need to make certain you have a command of the subject matter before moving on, or you’ll have to get the help of a friend who already knows Koine Greek.  Since this is just the first week lesson, I don’t have much to report.  I hope you check back to see how it is going.  So long for now.

You can purchase the textbook on Christianbook  and on Amazon for about $18.50.

You can get the workbook on Christianbook and on Amazon for about $20.00

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