I’m Offended That You Are So Very Unreasonably Wrong!

I can’t believe that we are being required to even have this conversation. Transgender, transsexual, gay, lesbian, gender identity, so on and so on ad nauseam.  There are as many perverse titles and nomenclature as there are sexual perversions.  Yes they are sexual perversions, not anything more than that!  If I want to claim I identify as a grizzly bear and therefore should be allowed kill and eat people, I don’t imagine anyone would call me, “trans-species grizzly-man-beast” and grant my wish while calling others who disagree with me bigots, haters, and bear-a-phobes. Why? Maybe because it is RIDICULOUS!!! I was born a biological human, male.  It was determined by God.  I have a sinful nature inherited from the fall.  That is what makes people murderous, perverted, liars.  PERIOD!!!  There is no amount of secular nonsense that will make sin not sin.  I am so sick and tired of the needless arguments and damage done to individuals as well as society by these idiotic, moronic, hell bound, goats on the left. Why do we even listen to them or give their words credence? Why would any reasonable person entertain such utter nonsense?  Do they do it in the name of political correctness?  Do they do it because they truly care about other people?  Do they do it out of love?  Nope, they do it because they are sick and twisted nasty sinful monsters. Monsters are real, they are us. We are the monsters.  When left to our own corrupted natures we commit many varied horrors in the name of our gods, namely the god of self.  We want to be the arbiters of good and evil for ourselves if not for everyone else.  We want to define what is acceptable and what is not.  When law and order are gone they are replaced with murder, rape, and theft.  When God is removed from a society and it becomes secular like during the communist revolution in the former Soviet Union and in China we see the monsters at work killing all the Christians and killing all of their opponents.  Atheism and Communism go hand in hand to make monsters genocidal megalomaniacs realize their potential. The hippy dippy left here in ‘Merica! Have done their best to make this a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. “Oh, man you smashed a bald eagle egg! Murderer!  Go straight to jail and pay a $250,000 fine, but hey murder a baby in the womb and it’s a woman’s right.  Their lack of consistent reasoning will give a person a headache.  Things that used to turn our stomachs, like seeing two men kiss on television, are being hailed as brave acts of valor. This makes absolutely no sense. I have no idea how to combat this invasion of perversion.  When you try to lovingly correct them from the word they shout you down and insult the word and you.  If you get angry and shout at them you are decried as a bigot and a hater.  If you sit by and quietly stew away in your own disgust you are ineffectual.  It isn’t possible to reason with an unreasonable person.  I give up!  I’ll preach to the choir and I’ll preach to people who are willing to dialogue, but for the unreasonable I have no time.

4 thoughts on “I’m Offended That You Are So Very Unreasonably Wrong!

  1. I’ve given up trying to make sense of it and I’ve also given up trying to help those who are in dire need of that help. I feel as you do, that it’s useless to try to bring them back to reality, to God, and even though we try to help them they are always telling us we are haters, that we belittle them and their feelings and how they were born, etc. I have given up caring whether or not a person is saved. They will come to God if He decides that person should come to Him. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do but love them as a fellow human being. That doesn’t mean I condone their actions whether behavioral or physical.

    I no longer speak my mind when it comes to homosexuality and the like. I keep my mouth shut and avoid conversing about it because it sparks anger in me and the last thing I want is to become angry over something someone else does. Yes I want to be angry because of my own sins, that helps me to change, but to become angry over someone else’s is pointless for me.

    I feel your pain and frustration, Bob. You have a friend in me, even if I won’t speak publicly about my (what society calls backwards) feelings regarding certain sins and sinful natures very often.


    1. I understand, Bob. I do. I get to the point where I have to blurt out my feelings online as well, as doing it in person and directed at someone always puts me as the bad guy. We do our best to try to help others but when it comes down to it, they refuse our help because that is what they have been trained to do, they have been trained to become offended that we actually have different feelings on the subject. We believe one thing and they believe another, yet when we voice our opinion, we are causing them pain which is where the political Left has come into play to force us into ‘submission’ which we only do for God, not man. So it’s a power struggle, a personal struggle and a spiritual struggle we are forced to endure in the times we are living in.


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