What is Meant by the Aseity of God?

 The word aseity is an archaic English word that comes from the Latin words, “a” which means, “from” and, “se” which means, “one’s self.” The definition of the English word, “aseity” means, “Existence originating from and having no source other than itself.” Simply put when we ascribe this word to our theology we mean that God has no creator or other source for His being. We know that in God’s word He says that He is the only God and there are none before Him or to come after Him. There are no Gods anywhere besides Him. He is omnipresent, so if there were He would be with them. He is omniscient, so if there were He would know of them. 1

God made everything there is and has perfect knowledge of all He has made.2 He was not diminished through or by creating. If He created everything and has perfect knowledge of all He created then He would know if He had created another being like Himself. An eternal being that is the source of all things could not create another like itself because the created thing lacks aseity, thus rendering it a mere creation rather than the truth. God has always existed in trinity, complete and holy, in perfect communion with Himself.

Tozer quotes Novatian, “”God has no origin,” said Novatian and it is precisely this concept of no-origin which distinguishes That-which-is-God from whatever is not God.” A. W. Tozer. This notion means that God is holy. He is completely transcendent or, “other than.” It is understandable that we would wrestle with this idea. It is contra mundum, in the sense that nature does not function this way. We observe causation for everything. To have an uncaused causation or an original originator sends us into a loop of, “How can it be?” However, if we are logical we must admit that this is the only way that it could be. This one original originator started the entirety of creation in motion and keeps it moving by the power of His sovereign decree. In this we should take comfort that He is God and we are not. We require and depend wholly and completely on His aseity and providence for our existence.









1. Deut 32:39, 1 Tim 1:17, 2:5, Isa 40:28, 43:11, 44:6, Jude 1:25, Col 1:16,

2. 1 John 3:20, Matt 10:29-30, Psalm 139:4,

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