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United Methodist Church Violates Clear Biblical Truth!

Frank Schaefer, right, speaks with Rev. Nancy Taylor, left, before a ceremony where Schaefer received an Open Door Award for his public advocacy, June 14, 2014.

Today the United Methodist Church “refrocked” the previously defrocked Pastor Frank Schaefer of Lebanon, Pa.  In 2007 he performed a marriage ceremony between his own son and his son’s homosexual partner in sin.  This action caused the United Methodist Church to revoke his ordination.  They didn’t do this for the right reasons though.  They did it because he violated a rule of the United Methodist Church instead of the fact that he violated and did violence to the word of God.

It was the work of a nine person appeals panel that reversed the decision.  Part of his ordination was vowing to uphold the United Methodists Book of Discipline.  When he performed the ceremony, he violated that vow, and that is why he was defrocked.  I would think the Bible trumps any denominational dogma, but who am I?  This kind of blatant disregard for Biblical truth and authority is shocking to those of us in the faith, but to the goats in the churches and the secular world they are pleased to hear Pastors say what Schaefer said, “Today’s decision by the committee is a hopeful sign for our LGBTQ community. They recognized that I was wrongfully punished for standing with those who are discriminated against.”  You see, to them this validates their position.  The more support they can garner from professing Christians just serves to prop up their platform built on sin and secularism.

We have the simple and easily comprehendible words of God in the Bible.  Therein He tells us that homosexuality is a sin, it is an abomination.  Don’t get me wrong, lying lips are also an abomination and warrant a person being sent to Hell for eternal torment.  We are no better than a homosexual person.  The problem is that people are lying to themselves and others when they say that homosexuality isn’t a sin.  How can a person truly repent of something when they believe it is good?  We know that to be saved and born again a person must repent and put their faith in Jesus.  Why would a person do this if they believe there is nothing wrong with them?  In this world of, “Barney Theology” where I love you and you love me everyone expects us to be a happy family, but this can never be done at the expense of Biblical truth.

Photo by Josh Reynolds/AP

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