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bibleI have a problem.  I love Bibles.  I love to read them and collect them.  I love to find features that are different and interesting.  I love to find Bibles made from high quality materials.  I love a few versions and am not too fond of the rest.  The reason I say this is a problem is because shopping for the Bibles online can take away time from reading the Bibles I already have.

Don’t get me wrong, I read the Bible and I give Bibles away, I am just weary of the time I spend researching, shopping, and comparing, one to the other.  Who would have thought that Bibles could become an idol?  I know right?  Well it is possible and it does happen.  I’ve managed, by the grace of God to check my problem however, I know others are struggling with the same problem whether they will admit it or not.

Brothers and sisters there is hope.  You also can check your habit.  Just admit that you are in sin and humbly ask God to forgive you.  Repent from your sin and give some Bibles away.  You will see the joy on the face of the person getting a high quality unique Bible for free.  Another cool thing to do is to make notes, underline, and highlight in a Bible with a specific person in mind.  I am doing one for each one of my kids.  You can also do that with a specific theme in mind, like the sovereignty of God.  When you get done, give it to someone.  I have friends overseas that are poor and would love a high quality Bible.  It would become a cherished possession to them.  High quality Bibles can hold up longer and provide more years of service.  Sure they are bit more money, but buying one that lasts five years is about the same cost as buying one every year for five years.  Spread the love and the word, make it personal!  Love God and His word, but don’t esteem the media so much that it becomes an idol.  God bless you and get in the word!





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