Omnipresent, is the quality of being present in all places.  God is omnipresent.  God is the creator of everything.  He keeps everything from being destroyed.  He makes the natural laws that we rely on to make sense of our world.  Not only does He make those laws, He also keeps them enforce.  God exists independent of the creation.  Time and space are part of the His creation.  He is not.

God is not, some unconscious universal force that permeates everything like what the pantheists believe.  His presence is not, limited to any one time or space.  He can specifically reveal Himself during a time, in a specific location, without ceasing to exist above all time and space.

Here is something we have heard Christians say from time to time, “Yeah man, like… God is everywhere…  He is in the trees, the rocks, the water, and in us.”   This in something a pantheist would say.  We as Christians are not pantheists.  A pantheist believes that God is literally permeating everything, and that everything, collectively is God.  Kind of like the force from Star Wars.


God is present in all places, even Hell.  He will pour out His wrath on sinners in Hell for all eternity.  God is present to the person in the deepest, darkest, cave in the most remote mountains.  He is present to the drowning person in the ocean.  He is present, not because He is in them, and they are collectively Him, but rather He is above all things, in all things, and outside of them.  It speaks to His sovereign will.  He is present as a matter of His will, not due to it being in bondage to the creation, but because of His lordship over it.

Don’t be confused by what I just said.  “How can God be outside of creation and in it at the same time?” you ask.  In the sense that He is not bound by His creation, or subject to it, He transcends it.  This is what is meant by He is outside of it.  Of course to be everywhere He would need to be, well… everywhere, and He is.  It is that He is sovereign, and transcendent.  I hope this makes it clear

4 thoughts on “Omnipresent

    1. Why would I be worried about circular reasoning? I obviously presuppose the Bible is true. I am a Christian. The blog is written by me. The Bible is my authority on what God wills. Epistemologically how can you know anything? All reasoning becomes circular, it just depends on what authority you base your supposed knowledge, if you can know anything anyway. Pantheism is not Biblical doctrine, it is paganism and as such is sin. It is to be rejected like all sin. I don’t have a problem with pantheists, just their beliefs. I love them enough to tell them about the grace of the one true God who can save them from their sin. They can reject it from an unregenerate, proud, unrepentant heart, or accept it from a regenerate, humble, penitent heart.


  1. Indeed, Pantheism locks God inside of the creation and unable to get out. Deism locks God outside of the creation and unable to get in. The Bible being the true revelation from the true God concerning Who He is, God contains the creation though the creation does not contain all of God. Acts 17 “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Like a fish in the water lives and moves and has its being. Nothing is outside of God, though God is outside of all things as in not being locked into it. The creation exists within God for God is the absolute and if He is not there, the place does not exist!
    Good definition!


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