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A Review of the NASB Giant Print Reference Bible, in Genuine Leather, Burgundy.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 003

Hello, 14 point font! This is definitely what the Doctor ordered if your eyes aren’t what they used to be.

The giant print NASB was delivered to my house, as usual from Lockman Foundation’s sales branch,  it was packed in a cardboard box with paper as packaging material.  It was sufficiently safe from harm.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 001

Inside the box was a two piece retail box.  I would suggest holding onto it for storage.  Once opened, I was presented with a layer of plastic wrapping that had to be defeated before I could get this beauty out to examine it.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 004

Once the plastic was discarded, I was pleasantly greeted by the familiar smell of a nice leather cover.  There are numerous Bibles out there that say they have a genuine leather cover, but they look like and feel like bonded leather.  They have a fake grain pressed into them and their covers look shiny.  Not this big boy, the cover on this has nice texture and tactile feel to it.  Honestly, for the small price of this Bible I’d expect a cheaper feeling cover.  I thought the burgundy color was just right as well, not brazen, but still different than the venerable black.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 034 NASB Giant Print Burgundy 006

The spine of the Bible has the words, “Holy Bible” at the top.  Immediately below is, “New American Standard Bible Updated Edition.”  At the bottom is, “Foundation Publications” and the NASB logo.  Above them are the words, “Giant Print.”  There are decorative lines separating the words.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 011

The cover has a lined pressed into it around its perimeter for decorative purposes.  It adds a nice touch to finish it off.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 033

The inside cover is lined with a vinyl liner that is color matched to the cover. It is glued down over the corners and edges of the cover.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 022

The text block is firmly attached to the cover.  I noticed no problems with fit and finish.  It looked pretty good for a Bible printed and bound in China.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 028

The binding for that matter is a sewn binding.  It is a tad bit tighter than some of the other ones that Lockman Foundation puts out.  This is neither a draw back or a benefit as far as function goes.  The Giant Print edition opens flat and is pleasant to use.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 038 NASB Giant Print Burgundy 037

The sewn binding will help ensure years of use.  The Giant Print Bible maintains typical 6 ½” x 9 ¼” for the width and height, but is a tad bit thicker at 1 ¾” It is a little heavier than your typical reference Bible, but not by much.  Even with the slight size difference it is still pretty easy to hold and read.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 035

The page edges are gold gilded.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 008

The paper is a decent quality standard Bible paper 28 gsm.  It doesn’t have a problem with text ghosting.  I think Lockman must have realized that if you are buying a Bible with humongous font it isn’t because you have good eyesight.  The Bible paper, 14 point font, and uniformly printed text, all aid in making this a very legible Bible without making it too cumbersome.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 020

Also you should note that this is a red letter edition.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 039

The text is in a double column verse format with references at the end of each paragraph. There are limited references, for a reference Bible.  This one has about 13,000 references.  I doubt that anyone considering a 14 point font giant print edition is worried about having a ton of references though.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 017

There is a ribbon marker that matches the color of the cover.  It is of average quality as far as ribbon markers go.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 053

In the end there is a 146 page Dictionary/Thesaurus/Concordance. It should come in handy.  There is enough there to be useful, but not so much as to unnecessarily add to the bulk.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 040

After that we have a section devoted to book introductions.  Each book in the Bible has a nice introduction to aid the reader in their studies.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 042

Also, a section on God’s promises is provided after the book introductions.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 043

“Where to find help when” and “Verses for reflection” appear at the very end before the color maps.

NASB Giant Print Burgundy 044 NASB Giant Print Burgundy 046 NASB Giant Print Burgundy 047

I think the biggest cons here would be the size of the Bible. For the very frail and elderly this would have to rest on a table for them to read it.  However, most elderly people won’t have any trouble holding this Bible to read.  The con is a very slight one.  We all have to obey physics here.  If you want giant text you have to sacrifice something.  I don’t think I’ve seen a better job on a giant print edition to date.

The pros here are of course the 14 point font and the wonderful cover at a very reasonable price.   Could hardly believe I was holding a $50 Bible.  It could have been twice that.  A noteworthy thing is that the presentation and records pages in the front seem to be a flat paper as opposed to the glossy paper they have been made out of.  I hope that Lockman carries this over to the maps as well.  This flat paper doesn’t crack or tear as easy as the glossy paper they have been made of in the past.

If you are in the market for one of these Giant Print Bibles they can be had for around $50. If you are lucky you might find them on sale for less.  Here are a couple of links to make it easier.

ISBN: 1581351097

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Review of the Holman NKJV Large Print Compact Reference Bible


I received a copy of the Holman NKJV Large Print Compact Reference Bible in black bonded leather promptly after requesting it.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 002

The bonded leather is quite stiff.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 020

That is to be expected on a small Bible like this.  The Bible did not come in a box, but rather a card-paper sleeve.  The spine is gilded as well are the page edges.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 004


The cover is about six inches long, and four inches wide.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 006


It looks to be an inch thick.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 005


Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 013

The older version of this that I have in the KJV was smyth-sewn, had decorative head and foot bands.  These are conspicuously missing in this newer iteration.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 010

Being made in China could account for the lower production quality.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 014


Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 003

That isn’t to say that this isn’t a good value.  It appears that the binding is glued.  The Bible doesn’t as yet lay flat.  It might once it is broken in.  The inside is lined with black card-paper.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 008

This also makes the cover a bit more stiff.  This Bible has 8 point font for the text which makes it very easy on the eyes for such a compact and small Bible.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 021



Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 023


Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 022



It is very easy to hold and read.  For those of you who think the 8 pt font is too small, what are you doing getting a compact Bible anyways?  As with most compact Bibles the font is always going to border on the ridiculously small.  Again, at 8 pt. this is a great little Bible.  The paper is thick enough to endure use and not so transparent as to ghost horribly.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 027

The text is printed clearly and sharply.  The print quality is pretty good for an inexpensive, “take anywhere Bible.”  This little Bible has a concise concordance and eight maps in the back.

Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 024


Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 025


Bible Review NKJV Compact Large Print Holman 026


This Bible does have a lifetime warranty.  Contrary to some descriptions this Bible does not include a reading plan.  I would recommend this Bible for anyone looking for an easy to transport and read Bible.