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We visited Christian Life Fellowship or CLF 03/09/14.








We visited Christian Life Fellowship or CLF 03/09/14.

  1. How approachable/welcoming, is the Pastor before and/or after the service? The Pastor was not at the front door greeting people nor was he after the service.
  2. How friendly is the congregation? The congregation was very friendly and welcoming.
  3. How many congregants are there? There were approximately between 100-125 people there.
  4. How do they take the offering? A bag was passed.
  5. Where are they located? They are located at 366 S.E. 5th St. Ontario, OR 97914, their phone number is (541)-889-7264
  6. How is the service broke down between, prayers, worship, and sermon?  It seemed to be approximately 5% prayer, 60% worship, and 35% sermon.
  7. What is the condition of their facilities? The facilities were above average, there was no cross to be found in the sanctuary.  The only cross I saw, was a small decorative one in the foyer.  It was only about a foot long and hung on the wall as decoration.
  8. What is the preaching style of their Pastor? Horribly eisegetical, misapplied scripture… what he used of it.  They are part of the Vineyard Movement, and John Wimber’s bad instruction.
  9. Do they use a specific translation of the Bible, or prohibit any translations, if so why? They didn’t seem to prohibit any translations or promote any.
  10. Do they have a web page? Yes, here is the link;  If so, is there a clear, orthodox, confession or statement of faith? Here is the link to their,      “What We Believe” page. It was not as theologically clear and certain as I would like.  They have a confused understanding of satan. They seem to see satan as almost an adversarial contender to God instead of one of His creations.  It looks like they believe, “Replacement Theology.”  They are also in need of some help on their pneumatology.  Looking at the end of their belief statement it appears they got it from the vineyard movement  associated with John Wimber.  They are Christian, just too reliant on experience, and in dire need of Bible study.  After they would say, “amen” in the service the entire congregation would give one loud clap.  We felt like we were in the middle of a cult meeting.


Then the Pastor started talking about how when he was talking to Jesus.  At 20 minutes and 35 seconds into his sermon he said, “I literally had the Lord say something to me, he says, well Doug I want to introduce you to the Holy Spirit.”  Then at about 20:53 he says, “and so what happened was I literally this very Jewish looking person that’s in my mind as I’m connecting with Jesus when he says I want to introduce you to the Holy Spirit, here’s this kind a blonde haired surfer dude, “hey!” he’s just chillin’, just hangin'”  then at 21:29 he says, “the person of the Holy Spirit he morphed in the coolest kind a sci-fi way I have ever seen, he morphed into like oil “hooo” and he would just smooth things out”


That was on top of God apparently literally telling him things.  I’m not sure if I was pickin’ up what he was putin’ down if ya dig?  I know he was well intentioned, but I’m wondering if maybe there is a better way?  I’m not even going to get into the red velvet lined closet that Jesus treasures our pain in…