Have you ever wondered why Hollyweird keeps cranking out woke, s.j.w. feminist/misandrist, trash?

This article will be a bit out of the ordinary for my site.  Don’t panic!  I will revert to my regular subject matter once I get his rant out of my system.
I mean seriously, who is going to see these movies?  Who keeps buying tickets to see this trash?  The last couple of times I’ve shelled out my hard-earned cash for some tickets, I’ve been fed a crap sammich wrapped in hatred of me, the patron!  Do they really think we are self-loathing enough, masochistic enough, to keep watching their, “movies” forever?
Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel – Trailer #2
I’ma just gonna read this book over here I’ve been neglecting for years and call it good!  If we all stop going, they’ll have to change it up, unless they are being funded by the lefties out there?  Maybe there is actually enough of these man hating nut-jobs out there to support Hollywood?  Wait, hold on a tick…  They’d have to crawl out of their mom’s basement, put down the phone, and get a job first….  Wait, hold on a tick… Maybe their moms are giving them money?  Maybe they are getting disability checks?  Maybe they are lefties?  Oh no!  These movies could be here to stay…
Trolls and Church Bells | JeremyVarner.com
I can tell the future for ya, ready?  Man BAD! Little man/boy BAD! Woman GOOD!  Girl GOOD!
The Politic | Yale's political publication since 1947
Gay man, more like woman, GOOD! Trans-woman=repentant man who now be woman, GOOD!
A Trans Ma'am in a Trans Am | Trans Am Meme on ME.ME
Woman heroine, man either villain, or need woman to rescue him, cuz him dumb, weak, and can’t keep it in his pants, and will always be fooled by super smart, and strong woman…
Get Tickets to an Advanced Screening of Atomic Blonde - IGN
Of course, they can level up that heroine and make her a person of color, (p.o.c.) and another thing, why are the poc in the movies lighter skin than I am?  It is almost like the leftists are racist or something?  I don’t care what color a person’s skin is.  It sure seems like Hollywood does though.  They got their own weird version of affirmative action going on.  They are going out of their way to cast culturally appropriate actors in ethnic roles, but not so much for roles that were once filled with bland, spiceless, boring, racist, white characters.
Apparently only white people, cuz they are white, are racist, and they are the only ones who can’t be victims of racism…  I’m sorry, doesn’t that just smack of racism there?!  I mean, COME ON SKIPPY! ARE YOU GONNA STAND THERE AND SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE? Whoops, I’m sure I triggered someone for not warning that I was going to use the word, “straight.”  Get over it!
So, I guess what I’m trying to say, is that we must all stop going to the movies, subscribing to streaming services, and listening to musicians who hate us, and are enemies of the common good.  Well that is it for that rant.  I’m glad I got it out of my system.  That is the good thing with having your own site.  Facebook, and Twitter can’t pull your content down.

One thought on “Have you ever wondered why Hollyweird keeps cranking out woke, s.j.w. feminist/misandrist, trash?

  1. What’s happening is easy enough to see, when you know where to look. Certain peoples who don’t like Jesus and Christianity, and who feels themselves to be strangers in (and outcasts from) our (formerly) homogeneous Christian culture/society, have been (and are) purposely destroying that homogeneous Christian culture/society in order for them to no longer feel like strangers in (and outcasts from) it. And Hollywood is an empire of their own.


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