Would a perfect being still be perfect if it created beings that were not?

Let me dip my toes in your mind butter for a moment.

Some people argue that since God made us, and we are not perfect, then God is imperfect.  They assume that a perfect originator or uncaused causer would necessarily be imperfect by creating imperfect beings.  This assumption doesn’t make sense.  The error is to assume that our imperfection impunes the perfection of God.  Rather, instead it affirms the perfection of God.  God in creating, necessarily cannot create perfect creatures.  There cannot be more than one perfect being.  God is the perfection of all attributes and defines them by His nature. Anything He makes will be less than Him.  Anything less than Him is not Him and by definition is not perfect because He is the definition of perfection.  So the fact that we, are finite, subject to space and time, we cannot create ex nihilo, we’re limited in our knowledge, its amount, and quality, we’re dependant on Him for our continued existence, and so on, should be evidence that we are imperfect.  We are not God.  By our imperfection, we know that He is perfect.