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Rachel Held Evans, “Searching for Sunday” is Liberal, Emergent Church, Ecumenical, Drivel at Best.

In my opinion, this is one of the most convincing pieces of evidence against RHE. Unless she is being completely dishonest in her book about her doubts, this book should open everyone’s eyes to the fact that she needs help. She has some knowledge of the Bible and theology, but it doesn’t seem to have changed her thinking or lack of faith in regards to some very serious articles of the Faith. She is one of the most dangerous false teachers of our time. She is leading sinners straight to hell while wishing them well and waving as they perish. If the gospel had truly changed her she would demonstrate repentance of sin and a faith that perseveres. Instead she celebrates sexual sin and feminine rebellion as she continuously vacillates between belief and not-belief.

She expresses how she wants to love people, but it seems she wants to do it her way not God’s. She actually rebels against God in so many ways it leads me to conclude, that after reading her book, she probably is not a Christian, or perhaps a very spiritually immature, confused one. It seems like so many liberals, she has made love her god. “God is love, but love is not God.” The fruit of her lack of faith is the evidence, of which there is plenty in just this book alone, never mind all of her blog articles. She affirms women pastors, Roman Catholicism, horrible ecumenism, feminist rebellion, homosexual marriage, and homosexual pastors. On page 135, in the second paragraph she even refers to a homosexual pastor and HIS husband. “…In Seattle, Pastor Tim and his husband Patrick served up fresh salmon…” On page 184 she writes, “…there are denominations of which I cannot in good conscience be a part because they ban women from the pulpit and gay and lesbian people from the table…” homosexuality is not an orientation it is sexual sin that needs to be repented of.

At the start of each chapter she has a quote from someone or she uses a Bible verse. The people she quotes are either, feminists, Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, leftists, homosexual, or a combination of those errors. She uses them as examples of what she believes are the best of Christianity. This is obviously where she stands. Her book seems to be a polemic against men and orthodoxy, unless of course they are liberal or gay. She has some major hang-ups with men and the Church. Her rebellion is evident on every page. It is very sad to see. It is more sad that others will read this damaging book and be tossed into sin and confusion.

After reading the book all I can gather is that her reason why millennials are leaving the Church is that we are too concerned about God’s word and adhering to it rather than tossing it out and having a big gay love fest. She is insane. The non-stop feminist agenda is sickening. She is a basher of heterosexual, conservative, orthodox people who hides behind her, “love everyone” facade. As testimony to her sloppy ecumenism she quotes her friend on page 185, “…”When you join a church you’re just picking which hot mess is your favorite.” That sounds about right to me…” She even makes the stupid tree analogy about how we are all part of the same tree.  RHD is like your bitter, manipulative, little sister, who has whipped up some false tears, so she can point her finger at orthodox Christians, and falsely accuse them of being bullies, because they love God instead of the world system.

Her biggest flaw is that she does not understand the purpose of the gospel or the Church. She has completely missed it. In all of her self-doubt, self-righteous, ecumenical man bashing, she misses the point. The sinner who hears the gospel and repents and believes is saved by grace. They repent. They no longer think or feel the same about sin in general and their own personal sin. That means that homosexuals who get saved will begin to hate their sexual sin of homosexuality. They might still feel that same sex attraction, but they won’t live the lifestyle. They will leave their gay lovers and become celibate or they will be changed by God and become straight. It is not impossible with God. If porn addicts can get free, if the adulterous can get free, if drug addicts can get free, so can people with SSA. There is no sin too great for God to conquer and leaving people in their sin while telling them they are Christian is giving them a ticket to Hell. It is one of the most hateful, unloving, unchristian, things I can think of to do to someone. The Church is for the worship of God.

Millennials aren’t leaving the Church over, “…politics, sexuality, science, and social justice…” They are leaving the Church because they have never heard the real gospel. They are not saved. They are sinners under the condemnation of sin and are leaving because they have never truly repented and believed the gospel in the first place.
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