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Review of the KJV Study Bible in Black Genuine Cowhide from Holman


What we have here is a King James Version study Bible from Holman covered in genuine cowhide black leather.


The leather is soft and flexible with a nice grain to it.  The entire Bible flexes and bends very easily without being too floppy.

DSCN1026 DSCN1025 DSCN1024

The inside cover is lined.


It has a sewn binding which enables it to lie flat when opened fresh out of the box without requiring to be broken in.  It will also last much longer with this kind of binding making this Bible an excellent long term Study Bible.


It comes with two ribbon markers.  One is black the other is silver.  The ribbons are good quality, not those flimsy thin things you find in cheaper Bibles.

DSCN1022 DSCN1021

The utilization of full color features is eye catching and will invite the reader to explore many side studies, however due to the full color features the pages do stick together right out of the box and require some working in.  Be careful not to tear any pages while you are separating them.  Included are a one and three year reading plan to keep you on track.

DSCN1016 DSCN1015 DSCN1014 DSCN1013 DSCN0996 DSCN0990

The books have introductions, time-lines, and outlines.

DSCN1008 DSCN1009 DSCN1010

The headings, chapter and verse numbers are in blue.


The words of Christ are in red.  The print is in a two column format with references in the center column. The font is crisp black 9 point font, with high contrast against the white paper behind it.

DSCN1017 DSCN1019 DSCN1011

The page edges and spine are gild in silver.

DSCN0979 DSCN0978 DSCN0977

This a well crafted Bible made here in America, that will give you many years of service backed up by a lifetime warranty.

DSCN0991 DSCN0973

If you are in the market for a study Bible you have many options these days.  You can opt for a signature one like a, “Macarthur Study Bible” or you can choose one with numerous contributors like the, “ESV Study Bible.”  Why would you choose the Holman KJV Study Bible?  I know my KJV only friends won’t want this Bible because it lacks the Authorized Version stamp of approval because it has a copyright.  I know my hipster friends won’t want it because it isn’t gender inclusive enough for them.  I know my peers won’t buy it because, “The KJV is too hard to understand…”  To all of them I say, “You don’t know what you are missing.”  Listen I love the NASB, KJV, ESV, NKJV, and HCSB translations.

I’m not so misinformed or deceived that I’ll write off a Bible translation just because of some laymen’s haphazard critique.  I read and study for myself and accept Biblical counsel from men who are more learned and mature.  Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the history behind translations like the KJV and the Geneva Bible.  This particular Bible has so many articles, notes, maps, pictures, and helps that it would be ridiculous to write it off just because it is KJV.  Matter of fact most people that have a problem with KJV have not even really tried to read one.

I think after you look at some of the pictures, and realize how well constructed this Bible is and see many of the wonderful features it includes it might generate some new interest in this venerable old version.

Here are a list of features that I might have left out;

Full-color page designs
Full-color maps, charts, and reconstructions
Extensive book introductions and commentary notes
40-page concordance
Essays on practical and theological issues
Feature-length articles on the origin and transmission of the Bible
41 photos
62 timelines
59 maps
20 articles and essays
16 illustrations and reconstructions
15 charts
A helpful glossary of 17th century expressions relative to the KJV’s signature phrasing
Self-pronouncing text
Two-column text setting
Center-column cross references
The words of Jesus in red
One- and three-year Bible reading plans
Presentation page
Family Registry
Two ribbon markers
Silver page edges
9-point text size
9.50″ x 7.00″ x 2.25″
Product Information

Format: Cowhide Leather
Number of Pages: 2304
Vendor: Holman Bible Publishers
Publication Date: 2013
Dimensions: 9.50 X 7.00 X 2.00 (inches)
ISBN: 1433603780
ISBN-13: 9781433603785

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Review of the Hardcover In Touch Ministries NASB Holy Bible from Lockman Foundation.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 001

I know, you don’t see that many reviews of Hardcover Bibles these days.  Well, get over it.  This is a well constructed Bible and you’d be missing out if you overlooked it as a daily reader.  I mean, seriously, this is a great Bible for reading.  It arrived, wrapped in plastic like the picture above shows.  The hard cover may not be supple like leather, but it add structure.  You can hold this in your hands and it won’t flop all over the place.  Plus, since the binding is a sewn one you won’t be fighting the cover to keep it open.  Matter of fact if you look at the pictures I’m posting you can see many of the great qualities of this wonderful value.  It is a New American Standard Bible (NASB) one of the most accurate English translations.  It is printed on high quality paper with excellent contrast with the texts sharp black 10 pt. font.  Very easy on the eyes to read for long periods of time.  There are no notes or references in the text to distract you.  The text is in a double column format.  The margins are nice and wide for all kinds of note taking.  The text block is very well glued into the book board.  Lockman Foundation gave this thing a lifetime warranty.

They rounded the spine.  You can also see the signatures and how they are stacked before being sewn to the signature tapes.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 012

You can see the open side here.  It is nice to see attention paid to manufacture like this.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 011

This Bible comes with a 70 page concordance in the back as well as some really useful maps.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 039 charles stanley hard cover nasb 040 charles stanley hard cover nasb 041 charles stanley hard cover nasb 042 charles stanley hard cover nasb 043 charles stanley hard cover nasb 044 charles stanley hard cover nasb 045

Here you can see how the Bible just opens flat right out of the box without needing to be broken in.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 038 charles stanley hard cover nasb 013

Another great feature of this binding is that they glued the first pages and last pages further up to keep the Bible bound in the cover and stop the pages from coming out.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 027 charles stanley hard cover nasb 026

and just look at the contrast of the black text on this bright white paper.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 037 charles stanley hard cover nasb 036 charles stanley hard cover nasb 015 charles stanley hard cover nasb 023

This particular Bible is printed right here in the good ol’ U.S. and it is very affordable.  You should definitely keep one at your desk.

charles stanley hard cover nasb 030

You can purchase one of these on or

I included a feature list from another website at the bottom of the review for your convenience in case I left something out.

Here are some pictures I took of this Bible.  I included a ruler in some of them so you can get an idea of the dimensions;

Presentation page
10 point type
Double-column format
8 Full-color maps
Unique binding that allows the Bible to lie flat
Smyth sewn binding
Expanded margins of 1″ for extensive note taking
Imported high quality French paper that doesn’t bleed through
Reinforced spine for increased durability
A lifetime guarantee
Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 1564
Vendor: Foundation Publications Inc
Publication Date: 2000
Dimensions: 9.75 X 7.0 X 1.75 (inches)
ISBN: 1581350732
ISBN-13: 9781581350739
Availability: In Stock
Text Layout: Wide Margin
Text Size: 9-10 Point
Text Color: Black Letter