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Young Earther and Proud.









The Earth simply is not as old as scientist think it is.  I don’t fall in to the thinking of, “it was created with the appearance of age.”  I think the time/space distortion of creation best explains the concept, that from our point of view looking back at the point of origin it seems to be and for some purposes is old, but looking out from the point of origin it has only been 6000 +or -.   We can not perceive time the way God does.  He made time.  He is not subject to it.  It is subject to Him and so is space.  If you move a prop through water it causes cavitation which is a distortion.  inside the distortion sound travels at a different rate than it does outside the distortion.  This is a bad analogy, but you get the idea.  cavitation-matter-creation

The creation and placing of things at a rate faster than the speed of light causes distortions with time and space.  I agree with the Bible that the Earth is young.  We just think it is older looking from our point of view.  Kind of like the jog wheel on a VCR playing a video of the life of a tree.  The seed is not, it is, it is a sapling, it is a tree, it is a house, it is not, all in one instance to God.  We are very linear minded beings.  His ways are higher than ours.  For us to doubt His word because we don’t get it is wrong.