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We Visited Calvary Chapel in Ontario Oregon on 03/16/14.







We visited Calvary Chapel in Ontario Oregon on 03/16/14

  1. How approachable/welcoming, is the Pastor before and/or after the service? The Pastor was there, but he did not preach, as he was recovering from a surgery, and cold.  It should be noted, that a congregation that size makes it difficult to have a Pastor greet everyone who comes in.  They did have assigned, volunteers, greeting people as they walked into the sanctuary.
  2. How friendly is the congregation? The congregation was friendly, and welcoming.  I was already acquainted with several of the congregants who I work with.
  3. How many congregants are there? There were approximately between 200 to 300 people there.  They have two morning services, one at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 11:00 a.m.
  4. How do they take the offering? They didn’t take an offering that I noticed and I didn’t see where they had an offering box.  I will try to find out how they do it.
  5. Where are they located? They are at 1775 Alameda Dr, Ontario, OR 97914.  If you turn left just before Albertson’s, then go all the way down to the end of the street, it is on the corner to your right.  Here is their phone number, (541) 889-2260
  6. How is the service broke down between, prayers, worship, and sermon? It seemed to be approximately 10% announcements, 15% prayer, 30% worship, and 45% sermon.  The worship songs were all contemporary.
  7. What is the condition of their facilities? The facilities were above average.  The main parking lot is not paved.  They do have handicap parking up close to the sidewalks.                                                                                                                   cchapel
  8. What is the preaching style of their Pastor? The sermon was an exegesis of Haggai 1, and part of 2.  It seemed expository. As I said earlier, they had a guest Pastor preach the sermon.  If he is any indicator of the type of preaching their Pastor delivers, then I would say they do pretty well.  We will have to visit again on a Sunday when he is preaching.
  9. Do they use a specific translation of the Bible, or prohibit any translations, if so why? Their web page indicates that they use many different translations. Everyone brings their own.
  10. Do they have a web page? Yes, here is the link,   If so, is there a clear, orthodox, confession or statement of faith? Here is the link to their statement of faith page,  I didn’t see anything that would make me think they were not orthodox.  I did notice that it seems they are Charismatic and Continuationists.